designer sunglasses

December 20, 2007

i love designer brands, including designer eyeglasses and sunglasses. i’ve really been wanting a pair of kate spade sunglasses. the only store i can find them at here is bloomingdales, and i really can’t justify spending that much on sunglasses! i love browsing for web sites and finding those with discounted prices on designer products. they are plugged as being the real thing and not knock offs, but that is something you have to take them at their word on. it’s a trust thing. i like to give people the benefit of the doubt, at least at first. and, if you’re willing to try it, these deals can’t be beat.



December 19, 2007

it can be hard to find bathing suits that fit correctly. swim suits sold at stores don’t always fit full busted women. there are some web sites where you can buy full busted swimwear with each piece of two piece suits sold separately so you can get a suit that fits you perfectly. that is such a great idea and makes swimsuit shopping, which can be a pain and a hassle for some women, much easier and less stressful. i would think that at some point department stores and other shops would follow suit and sell swimsuit pieces separately to give women more of an option.

christmas for the kids

December 19, 2007

tonight is the christmas party our kiwanis club is hosting for the local children’s shelter. there are 25-30 people in our club. there will be three people at tonight’s event. that’s including me and joe, in case you were wondering. it blows my mind how people who are involved in a service club that does outreach for children are too lazy to help out at events, especially at ones like tonight’s party. it’s easy. it doesn’t require exertion, so our older members can help. they just choose not to. it makes me angry, and it makes our club look bad. and, it makes me wonder why they’re involved to begin with if they don’t participate. i wish there was some way to make them participate, but i just don’t think there is.

acne help

December 19, 2007

i wish many of the resources available today were around when i was a teenager, especially those regarding acne. like most teens, i had acne, and it was a pain to cover up and deal with. the only option i had was to go to the drug store to see what kind of treatments they sold. now, there are web sites offering treatment tips for people with acne. information offered on the internet include types of acne, the causes and effects of acne, and how to prevent and treat it. prevention measures include hygiene, diet, stress, cosmetics, exercise and hormones, among others.

no parenting advice from the spears

December 19, 2007

lynne spears’ book on parenting has been put on hold indefinitely. i guess her publisher decided she’s not the best person to dish out advice since britney has had her children taken away from her and 16-year-old jamie lynn is pregnant.

avian flu

December 19, 2007

the Avian Flu used to be a big story in the news. i remember having a state news story about it almost every day. the avian flu, or bird flu as it is more commonly called, is still a big issue. there hasn’t been much news about it in the united states, but just in the last few days cases have popped up in hong kong, indonesia and canada. according to the new york times, a man from the united states traveled to pakistan and visited relatives who were among the first humans in pakistan to contract the disease. after arriving home, the man tested negative for avian flu.

the name game

December 19, 2007

i got a call today from a store where we wanted to purchase something for joe’s mom for hannukah (as in two weeks ago now) letting us know it had come in. it was supposed to be in the week of hannukah.

“hi, is caddy there?”

i repeated my name, pronouncing it correctly for her.

“oh well they had it spelled weird here.”

you know, maybe that’s how it’s *spelled*. i know i shouldn’t be offended by that, but i am. why do people think my name is spelled wrong just because it’s spelled differently? people even try to correct *me* when i spell my name for them. it’s always bothered me, and it probably always will.