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busy, busy

December 6, 2007

it’s been a busy couple of days around here! yesterday, we had a wreck involving lifeflight, a fire that injured two firefighters and a chlorine leak at the water treatment plant. today, we had a plane crash that killed a pilot from our area, and a fire that injured one person and caused him to be airlifted to atlanta.

whew. i’m ready for it to end! these past two days have made me realize how few scenes i’ve been to since moving here. when i worked as a dedicated cops reporter, i was constantly at crime/fire/wreck scenes. i never did anything by phone. here, there are only two of us in the news department, so it’s hard for me to leave and go out if something happens. i normally follow up on the phone.

today, alex went out to the fire scene while i ran things around here and put her on the air with updates. part of me missed the rush of being on the scene, while the other part of me was kind of relieved to stay here. what’s wrong with me? i never thought i’d lose that desire.

tonight will be a nice, low-key night. joe’s going to a friend’s house to play magic cards after work (it’s a very nerdy game. enough said.), so i’m planning on working out and then watching the tv shows i dvr’d yesterday while working on our holiday cards. hopefully joe will be home in time for survivor!


don’t tase me, bro

November 29, 2007

after sara posted about a conversation she had at work about tasing, i thought i’d share my own tasing story with you all. yes, i have been tased. bet you wouldn’t take me for that kind of girl, huh?

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mixing and mingling

October 26, 2007

i did my first live remote yesterday. i was with one of the co-hosts of our morning show at the chamber of commerce’s annual business expo. it was a lot of fun, though nervewracking for me. i volunteered to do it because i always talk with a script and i want to learn how to be on-air without one. it’s really hard, people! but, a lot of what i did was interviewing people at the expo, so i was in my element in that respect.

i also worked an hour at our booth giving out water bottles and signing people up for our bonus card. it was fun getting to see people i deal with regularly as well as meeting new people and some of our listeners!

me at business expo 2

Protected: all in a day’s work

October 17, 2007

every day i find myself missing my old job more and more. i miss seeing my name in print every morning. i miss writing long, in-depth stories. more than that, i miss my contacts. contacts i spent years cultivating relationships with. contacts who called me at all hours to give me scoops (like the carpet dealership fire at 3 a.m.).

now i’m starting from scratch, and it’s not fun. when i worked in dalton, i never had a problem getting a story. now, it seems like i’m fighting just to keep up with the newspaper reporters here. for instance, a few months ago at a board of education meeting, the board approved a pay raise for the superintendent. i was sitting at the media table with the newspaper reporter, and the board chairman came over to us, said, “here (newspaper reporter’s name), this is a list of all the superintendent’s salaries in the area so you can compare,” and then walked off. was i invisible?

it really bothers me when the newspaper here gets preferential treatment. maybe that’s because i’m so used to being the one getting all the information. now that i’m in radio, i cover pretty much everything rather than having a specific beat, so it’s hard really getting to know my sources. i used to have everyone’s cell and home numbers. not now.

two days ago, i did a story about a lawsuit against the board of education that was dropped. i called the boe’s attorney, and this is how that conversation went:

me: hey. i am calling about the lawsuit against the boe that was dropped. can you give me a little bit of background about the case? (it happened way before i moved here).

him: no.

alrighty then. pissy much? it was odd because it was very uncharacteristic of him. he’s usually *very* talkative, which is more than i can say for most lawyers (one of the downsides of covering courts is having to deal with lawyers).

he said the case was “very” old and wasn’t relevant. except it happened in 2004, which isn’t that long ago. and the case was just dismissed by a federal judge, which makes it newsworthy. besides, he’s not the one who determines what is news and what isn’t.

today, i got a call from that lawyer. he called to apologize for his behavior. he said that no matter what kind of day he was having he shouldn’t have been a jerk (my word), and he hopes that i won’t hesitate in the future to call him about anything. i thought that was really nice. it’s the first time since i’ve been here that i feel like i’ve started building a relationship with a contact again.

streaming newscasts

August 16, 2007

and now it’s the moment i know *all* of you have been waiting for. you now can hear my lovely voice reading the news on your computers every weekday at 5 p.m. we are streaming all our local program now on, which i think is pretty cool. so now you all can listen and tell me how great (or not so great) i am! i hope i won’t mess up too much now!! our wbhf link is right up on the top.

opinions wanted

July 11, 2007

my station manager said i can have my own show. yay!

this, however, creates a dilemma as i try to decide what kind of show to do. this, my friends, is where you come in. i need all your creative ideas and input to help me figure this out. here’s the rundown:

  • my station plays oldies music
  • our demographic is primarily older residents
  • it might be nice to try to attract younger listeners
  • my show most likely will not be live. pre-recording kind of limits me.

we already have several shows:

  • newsmakers
  • community voices

i think newsmakers is self-explanatory. community voices is similar by interviewing people in the community. now that i think about it, most of our shows consist of interviews, so maybe i should move away from that.

i was thinking something revolving around books. i even thought of a name — “book talk”! this could go involve interviews with authors. however, it might be beneficial to have listeners call in, which wouldn’t really work with a recorded show.

sigh. i’m so excited about this idea, but kind of drawing a blank. your thoughts?

cube talk

June 15, 2007

nanette wants to see our cubes. of course, i’m going to play along!

the view from outside my cube.


the view to my right. we have my phone; my dalton police department cup, which is use as a pen holder; my mug from the paper i used to work at; a toy fire engine (because i’m a former cops reporter); and a clock that can be either a clock, countdown clock, thermometer or alarm depending on what side it’s on.

and to my left with pics of me and joe, my business cards, a cute little snow globe, and my hand sanitizer and lotion (must-haves!).

can you tell i’m addicted to pictures? by the way, the wood candy dish next to the framed picture was hand-made by a former neighbor of ours in virginia, where we had our weekend house. it really is amazing that he made them himself.

now it’s your turn! like nanette, i want to see where you all spend the majority of your days! leave me a comment so i can stop by and see your pics!