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the not-so-big loser

October 23, 2007

one of my favorite tv shows is the biggest loser. i love watching these people take charge of their lives and make a decision to become healthier. and i get excited seeing how many pounds they drop each week. the new york times recently ran a story about how people who are not as heavy and trying to lose weight on their own are getting discouraged and giving up because they aren’t dropping double digits every week like the contestants on the show are.
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inching along

October 19, 2007

i only lost 3/4 of an inch in my stomach this week and 1/4 of an inch in my thighs. my hips stayed the same. it’s a little depressing after i increased my workout to five days this week of cardio and the usual 3 days of weight training. i hope it increases soon. i feel like i’m working for nothing at this rate.

looking for results

October 3, 2007

i have been working out regularly and counting calories religiously for the last month and a half or so. i’ve started seeing inches melt off, about an inch a week, but my weight on the scale isn’t budging. is that weird? i guess if the inches are going, that’s what matters, right?

joe came up with a new strenth training workout for me. each exercise works multiple muscles instead of just one muscle like curls do. i’m really excited about it, but i know it’s going to kick my butt. that’s good though. that’s what i need.

irony and keeping house

August 8, 2007

yesterday i told you all how much i despise exercise. i am a member of sparkpeople and today’s email was titled “making exercise fun.” how ironic!

as a sidenote, i’ve been under my calorie range every day this week, which is good. it also means that if i have a day where i eat over my range (which i highly doubt i will), it should all balance out. i didn’t work out today because the fatigue from the arthritis is kicking my butt. hopefully i’ll be up early enough tomorrow to get my workout in before work. i just can’t do it when i get home. i’m too tired.

speaking of being tired, i feel like the worst wife lately. today, my plan was to do some heavy duty cleaning after work, but i was so exhausted i about passed out after changing the sheets on the bed. sigh. i really hate this. i feel like i don’t do anything around here, and it’s not fair for joe to have to do it all. i just don’t know how else to get some extra energy though. it’s been a long time since i’ve been this tired (thanks, enbrel!), and it’s just hard getting used to it again.

getting back in the groove

August 7, 2007

i’ve been staying off the scale for a while now. my weight fluctuates so much on it, i thought it would be better for me to go by inches and how my clothes fit. the depression and frustration from weighing myself wasn’t really helping.

but, when we got back from new york i decided to jump on. i figured i’d lost some weight from all the walking we did. boy was i wrong. i was up 5 pounds from the last time i weighed. too bad i can’t remember when that was. but, to be honest, i hadn’t worked out in a while either. i’m just not a big fan of it. i hate it actually, so it’s hard to motivate myself.

seeing that jump on the scale was enough motivation, though. i’m getting back into counting my calories ultra religiously and doing my workouts every day. i figure if i work out 5 days a week i should be able to start losing again. so far so good for yesterday and today. wish me luck!

working out never felt so good

April 11, 2007

i have pushed myself hard this week.

on sunday, i started out at a high resistance on the bike and every couple of minutes took it down a notch, biking at a higher speed.

i don’t remember what i did monday, but i know it was tough. tonight was probably my hardest yet. i did 30 minutes alternating with two minutes at 2 resistance biking between 15.5-16 m.p.h. and then one minute at 1 resistance going 18-19 m.p.h. i honestly didn’t think i’d make it the entire 30 minutes, but now that i did i’m quite proud of myself, even if my knees are sore.

i also did 10 minutes of abs doing the bicycle, planks and crunches. joe taught me a version of crunches that is a lot tougher. you come up into a crunch and then twist to both sides. it’s rough because you’re up a lot longer than normal. i feel good though. i am determined to have a flat stomach.

now it’s off to watch some braves baseball and eat take-out as i don’t feel like cooking right now. 🙂


March 14, 2007

i had a very good visit to my endocrinologist today. my insulin levels are now quite normal, which means it very likely was the prednisone that made them jump so high. when i had the first test done several years ago my one hour and two hour levels were in the 70s. this second test showed my one hour levels in the 50s and my two hours in the 30s. yay!

she did, however, find a way to bring me down by telling me how overweight i am and how i have to lose “at least” seven pounds before even considering getting pregnant. now, i know i’m not at my ideal weight, but i’m working on it and i don’t think i’m that overweight, especially considering my bmi is only 0.5 over my ideal level. and, i’ve already lost four pounds! that isn’t much, but considering my medicines work against me by causing me to gain weight, i think it’s a pretty good accomplishment.