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3 days to go

August 31, 2006

joe and i are going out tonight to celebrate our last night alone together before the wedding. we’re going to the mall to get the kate spade purse i’ve been wanting (yay!), and then out to eat, probably at either olive garden or chilis. yum. ๐Ÿ™‚

this morning, i’m off to the spa. i’m getting a french manicure and pedicure, and my usual facial waxings. woo hoo. i’d like to get a massage and maybe a facial after the wedding. i just don’t have time for that now.

last night, joe interviewed san francisco giants coach felipe alou. he was as giddy as a little boy when he called me afterward, gushing about how great alou is. i asked if he saw barry bonds. “i sat right next to him,” he said. he spent about an hour and a half just hanging out in the giants’ clubhouse before the interview, which i bet was just so exciting for an avid baseball fan like him. i was excited for him. and a little jealous…when i interviewed cal ripken jr., i didn’t get to go in the clubhouse! ๐Ÿ˜‰

now i’m off to pack, pack, pack and clean out my dining room so the boys can bring my china cabinet in tomorrow. yippee! now i can put *all* my dishes in there and use my meager cabinet space for glasses.


4 days to go

August 30, 2006

i figured by this point i would be able to relax and enjoy the last few days before the wedding. i think this is the busiest i’ve been. it’s amazing how many little things you don’t really think about. i need to figure out which prescriptions i need to take with me and get refills, clean out the refridgerator and freezer, pack, do laundry, pack cat toys, get a list of songs we want at the reception to the dj, make the timeline for the wedding day for our attendants, confirm our hotel and flight reservations, etc. it seems like i’m always adding something to my neverending to-do list.

i think joe has it right. we’ll be excited when we’re on the plane heading to boston. ๐Ÿ™‚

5 days to go

August 29, 2006

the more days that go by, the more excited i get. it really feels real now. my grandma flew in from california last night. the guests are starting to arrive! hehe.

joe and i are thinking about going out thursday night to celebrate our last night alone before the wedding. we’ll see.

the wedding dreams are starting in full force now. two nights ago i dreamt that it was the wedding day and my parents didn’t have a dress or tux, so they sent me and joe out to buy them. last night i dreamt that it was noon on my wedding day, when i’m supposed to arrive at the chapel, and i had forgotten to go to my hair, nail and waxing appointments! i can’t wait to see what i dream tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

6 days to go

August 28, 2006

next week at this time, joe and i will be preparing to board our plane to boston. it’s so weird to know that this is my last monday as a single woman. weird but exciting. i may blog about the bachelorette party later. some things happened that really upset me (mainly my soon-to-be sister-in-law telling me i’m not good enough for joe and she doesn’t want him marrying me), so i may tell you all about the night when i feel more up to it. right now i’m trying to get my excitement back for this weekend.


August 26, 2006

joe and i had our upcoming wedding blessed last night at his synagogue. it’s a tradition i really like. the rabbi asked god to bless and watch over our marriage. it was very short, and then he said, “he’s going to sing to you now,” while looking at joe. i started to laugh because joe can’t sing, but it turns out the rabbi was talking about the cantorial soloist. he played a very upbeat song on his guitar while the rabbi, joe and i took turns linking arms and dancing around the bima (platform) in circles and the congregation sang “mazel tov”. i forgot that was part of the blessing, and even though i am shy and was very nervous being in front of a synagogue full of people i don’t know, i tried to let loose and have fun. i *thought* i was letting loose and having fun. however, the term rigormortis was used afterward to describe my performance. how rude.

before the service began, the rabbi announced that there were two b’nai mitzvahs this weekend, a wedding blessing and a conversion. instantly, my twin brothers turned to me at the same time and said, “are you converting?” after the service, the first thing my parents said, jokingly of course, was, “we thought that was some sort of hint or something.” right after that, joe’s dad walked over to them and said, “don’t worry, that wasn’t a hint!” i thought it was hilarious that me converting was the first thing everyone thought of.

after services we (as in me, joe, my parents, joe’s parents, nana, dave, rachel, dave’s parents and rachel’s friend gabe) headed to la madeline for dessert and socializing. my parents had so much fun talking to dave’s parents because, as it turns out, they are from maryland too and dave actually was born in the same hospital as my brothers and i. small world. joe and i also received presents from some of nana’s friends: an expandable hot plate decorated with grapes, and the sugar bowl and creamer for our china collection.

tonight, the celebration continues with the bachelor and bachelorette parties. the girls are headed out for dinner and a night of dancing and partying at a country club. i don’t know *what* the boys have planned. i just hope jon and dave keep in mind that joe is getting married in eight days, and we’d really like for it to occur (if you know what i mean).

9 days to go

August 25, 2006

wow. single digits. i think i might be starting to get a little nervous. ๐Ÿ™‚

dealing with siblings

August 22, 2006

one of my younger twin brothers called me today. “will joe mind if i leave his bachelor party early?”

i rolled my eyes. ryan has been griping about this weekend for a few days now. “but oriona and i were going to go look at engagement rings.”

ok. number one, he can spend one night without his girlfriend. really. it can be done. no one has died from it yet. number 2, he can go to jewelry stores with her sunday afternoon. and number 3, isn’t it a little too soon for engagement? ryan has another year or so left in college, and she has a little more than that, i think. they want to get married next year, which i think is a terrible idea. don’t get me wrong. i like his girlfriend. she’s very nice, and i know he loves her. i just think he being 21 and she younger that it’s a little soon for marriage. they haven’t even been dating a year. at least graduate from college and get a job first. they have to have some way to support themselves.

then he hit me with the second question. “do i *have* to go to your rehearsal dinner?” seriously? was he really asking me this? i have to admit it was probably the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. what person asks if he can skip his siblings wedding rehearsal dinner.

i bit back saying sarcastically, “do you want to skip the wedding too?” and simply told him he needed to be there before hanging up. i’ve never really felt ryan liked me too much, maybe from how he is always rude to me, but wanting to skip my wedding rehearsal dinner was completely uncalled for. all i can keep thinking is, only 12 more days…