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road trip

November 4, 2007

we spent most of yesterday in the car on our drive up u.s. highway 41. highway 41 runs from the upper penninsula in michigan to naples, florida, and was the main north-south route until interstate 75 was built. we originally had planned to do it as a fun road trip, but when joe pitched the story to the sunday paper, the features editor loved it and assigned joe to write a story on it.

we had a fabulous time. we hit 41 here in cartersville, and headed north, passing through adairsville, calhoun, resaca and dalton, which is where i used to live. i was amazed at how much as been developed since i left!

in ringgold, we stopped to take some pictures, stretch our legs and browse some of the shops. i found some apple-themed items for our kitchen — a cute sign and a tea cup warmer for scent chips. it is fabulous, and my house smells so yummy now.
hwy 41 road trip-downtown ringgold 5
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November 3, 2007

we had such a fun time on our road trip today, but our 11 hour day has left me exhausted! i couldn’t even keep my eyes open enough to watch all of “my name is earl” from thursday. boo. that’s ok. we’ll finish it tomorrow. i’m off to bed, but i have lots of pictures to share tomorrow!

weekend recap

October 29, 2007

this past weekend was one of those relaxing ones you just don’t want to end. we were planning on going to my old church and then to lunch at my parents’ on saturday, but my grandfather broke his foot and his fibula friday, so we were up late getting updates while my parents were at the hospital with him. everyone ended up sleeping in, so we stayed home. we had lunch together and then relaxed. joe napped and i scrapbooked. it was great.

that night, we had dinner at los reyes, our favorite local mexican restaurant, and rented knocked up, which was a great movie. it was hilarious. we also played quite a bit of sonic the hedgehog, since we bought a collection for the xbox that includes all the sega sonic games, all the game gear sonic games and a few new ones. sonic was one of my favorite games, so it’s fun to be able to play it again.

on sunday, we were up *very* early (think 6:30 a.m.) to meet joe’s dad and our brother-in-law, dave, for breakfast at bagelicious, a jewish deli in marietta. i heart bagelicious. the bagels are so.frickin.good. and let me just say, once you start eating new york bagels, you just can’t go back to the grocery store brands.

the best part of breakfast was when joe and dave arrived wearing the exact same shirt (but in different colors). it was hilarious. and, of course, i had to take a picture of the twins with their bagel bags. 🙂

shirt twins

after breakfast, i had to go into work for a little bit, and then joe and hit the tennis courts, where i beat him once again (that’s 3-0 now). then we napped for most of the afternoon, since we were so tired from being up so late friday night and up so early sunday morning.

now, it’s monday, and i’m already looking forward to the weekend. we’re taking a day trip up u.s. highway 41, which runs from chicago to florida. we were planning on it, and then joe pitched the idea to the sunday paper, so now he’s doing a story on our trip. it should be a lot of fun!

baseball and traveling

October 1, 2007

joe and i are already thinking about next year’s vacation. as of now, we’re looking at an atlanta to kansas city to san francisco route. my dad’s cousin lives in san fran and said if we get ourselves out there he’ll take care of the rest of our stay. i haven’t seen him in years, so it’ll be nice to see him again. plus, my cousins live out in that sort of general area (jacki is an hour away and ray is in loma linda, but said he’d fly up to see us). it would be a great trip filled with family, sight-seeing and baseball. obviously, one of the highlights of our trip would be seeing a giants game. and, of course, maybe being able to meet up with liz!

i’m sure you all noticed the kansas city part of our itinerary too. now, i’m sure there is a plethora of things to do in kansas city, but we’re not interested in that. our only reason for stopping there is a trip to kaufmann stadium, home of the kansas city royals, joe’s new favorite team. we wanted to fly in, see a game and fly right back out, but then we realized we would have our luggage with us. and we’d need transportation. so, we might stay overnight and head out to san fran the next day.

it’s all still in the works. things might happen that would change our plans (if you know what i mean). but it’s fun to start planning.

free raleigh, nc getaway!

October 1, 2007

i want to go to raleigh. my sister and her family live just outside the city, and i used to go up there in the summers to visit them. however, i never really spent much time seeing the city, with the exception of the requisite trip to nc state, my brother-in-law’s alma mater.

i think i’m going to register for the free raleigh getaway. the prize includes one night’s accomodations at a mariott hotel; a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant; and two tickets each to the north carolina theater, the north carolina museum of art’s landscapes from the age of impressionism and dinosaurs: ancient fossils, new discoveries at the north carolina museum of natural science.

i would love to win that! we could spend the night at the hotel, then head over to see my sister and spend a couple of nights there. but really, who wouldn’t love to win a trip. north carolina is a beautiful state, and i’d love to see more of it.

there are a lot of other things to do in raleigh during your fall getaway: the downtown walking tour (that would be fun; we did one in boston, too), numerous historic sites and, of course, shopping. i don’t go anywhere without shopping! the musical Mamma Mia! also is playing there. i’ve never seen it, but i’m always up for a musical!

i’ve never won anything before. it would be nice to start now!

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