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late recap

October 16, 2007

i know it’s a few days late, but i have been so busy that it’s taken me a while to edit my pictures to share. we have been going non-stop lately!

last wednesday unknowingly became “surprise day”. when joe came home from work, i had a chocolate banana pie all ready for him. it was so yummy and *so* easy to make! next time i think i’m going to add slices of banana.

chocolate banana pie 1

he arrived with a gorgeous bouquet of roses for me. ready, set, awwww!

flowers 4

we had a super busy weekend. joe left early saturday morning to help with our kiwanis club’s first annual 5k road race. when he got back, it was time to get ready to go to my church. that night, we had dinner at applebees and rented the exorcist, since i was in the mood for a scary movie. i was disappointed, though, because i wasn’t scared at all! i didn’t like the evilness of it, though.

sunday was a work day in our household. i had to go into work that morning, and when i got home we spent the rest of the day working on our storage room, carport and guest bedroom/office. we made a lot of progress, even if it isn’t noticeable right now. we got our guest bedroom closet completely cleaned out, moved things in from the storage room, and consolidated a *lot* of things piled up in our carport. hopefully soon we will get everything moved out of the carport. joe wants to put his weight bench out there to give me more room for scrapping (and for moving the computer and desk in the back room once we get pregnant) and because he says he wants to workout outside. *shrug* to each his own.


bugs, be gone!

October 12, 2007

the bug man finally showed up today. he forgot to come yesterday. that sure makes me feel better. there’s nothing better than hiring someone who is unreliable.

but, he seems really nice. and now i will have no more ants or spiders, and for that i am grateful.

review: vera wang towels

October 11, 2007 the vera wang towels from kohls are my new favorite. they have even surpassed the biltmore towels from belk. i was a little wary at first because these are *so* soft, but they are super absorbant. even the towels we got for our wedding from linens ‘n things that aren’t as soft as these weren’t as absorbant at first. i seriously just want to stay wrapped up in this towel all day! i highly recommend picking up some of these towels, which are quite reasonably priced, i might add.

and yes, it is 10:36 a.m. and the bug man still has not arrived or called. at least now we know we will be using someone else.


October 10, 2007

i love a good sale, and it seems like they are all over right now! joe and i went to the mall in douglasville sunday after we left his parents’ house because i had gift cards to michaels and macy’s that needed to be used!

i got a *lot* of scrapbooking paper, including a wedding pack which should now give me plenty of paper to finish ryan and ori’s wedding scrapbook. at macy’s, my goal was to find a comfortable, flattering pair of jeans. it is *so* hard to find good jeans! i really liked the calvin klein flare jeans i tried on, but i opted for the dkny soho jeans. it’s too bad they don’t look as good on me as they do on the model! i got the dark wash because they can be dressed up or dressed down, but i’d like to get a pair in the regular blue wash as well.

and, there are still fabulous sales going on at our new kohls store. on monday, there were even more sales for columbus day, and i got a 4-1/2 quart crock-pot for $14.99, which is half off the regular price! i am so excited about that. i’ve been wanting one so i can have dinner cooking while we’re at work. i’m also starting to replace our towels, since most of them were bought before we even started dating. they’re getting so ratty now! they’re on sale too! today, i picked up a couple of the vera wang and laura ashley towels to see which i like better.

and that’s about all the shopping i plan to do for a while. sometimes, though, there are sales that you just can’t pass up!

house projects

September 26, 2007

our deck is almost done! this has been a long, painful process. it took us several months to finally get it stained (and by us, i mean the royal us, which is joe). every time joe went outside and opened the can of stain, it would start raining. and i do mean every.single.time. it became a running joke with us. joe’s dad once mentioned the need for rain. “don’t worry,” i replied. “we’ll go home and joe will try to stain the deck and it’ll rain.” and it did.

the last time was just pitiful. it was such a light drizzle that you would have to stand outside for hours to get wet, yet the raindrops plopped onto the deck, prohibiting joe from staining.

now, when we bought our house, we didn’t want to buy fixer upper house, but we did want to improve it. after all, knowledge is power! we’re going to start by repainting the bathroom (followed by repainting all the other rooms), and we’re going to redo my scrap space and the living room, where i want to put in a window seat. we had one in our weekend house in virginia, and i’ve always loved them. i think it will brighten up the room.

one thing i *really* want to do is put in tile around our shower. i hate the material we currently have. it looks so cheap. i’ve always loved tiled showers. joe loves doing home improvement things himself, and i found directions on how to tile your shower on this site. this site has so many articles on home improvement! i think it mght be joe’s new favorite read. hehe. i’m not sure if he will want to tile the shower himself, but now he has that option! man, just thinking about how pretty my house will be makes me so happy!


September 16, 2007

i really want some new lamps for the house. i know i need a new table lamp for the living room. i like using lamps more than overhead lights because the lighting is so much softer. i found some neat lamps on the quoizel lighting site. i also would like some more lighting outside our house, but i’m not exactly sure what i want yet. this whole decorating thing is going to take a while, mainly because i’m so picky and indecisive. haha. i can’t make a decision to save my life. i think in this case it’s good to be picky though. i’d rather take my time and buy things i know i want.

mail boxes

September 11, 2007

i’ve always liked cool mail boxes. now that we have our own home, i want something a little nicer than the metal mail box on a post. i know i want one by our driveway as opposed to a wall mail box, which is what we had at our house in maryland. i’ve always thought brick mail boxes are really nice. however, that’s probably something i’d wait to do when we move into a bigger house. the cool thing about the mailboxes on this site is that you can order one that has a locking option to prevent people from stealing your mail. i think that’s awesome, though i don’t really think we have that problem in our quiet neighborhood.