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one more week to go

December 17, 2007

i hate that it’s monday. i had such a great weekend. saturday was just as relaxing as i thought it would be, and it was so much fun to go see a movie. we haven’t had time to go out lately, so it was nice. the mist was a great movie too. i recommend it. 🙂

yesterday was busy. we headed out to bagelicious after i made a pasta salad for joe’s parents, and after breakfast we went to fresh market, kohls and old navy. i got some great clothes on sale (it seems like everything’s on sale these days!). when we got home, we straightened up and watched the falcons game until joe’s parents arrived. it was fun getting to see them for a little bit, and even more fun seeing how petrified their dog, sophie, was of our cats. she could eat them in one bite, yet she cowered behind joe’s dad. it was hilarious.

after the in-laws left, we went to lowe’s to get a heater for our laundry room (it’s been *so* cold at night and we don’t want our pipes to burst) and a magnetic curtain rod to hang the curtains joe’s mom brought me. then, we went to belk to exchange a shirt for joe, and i made him try on pretty much everything in the men’s department. haha. it was fun though. at least for me!

now, it’s my last week of work before almost two full weeks of vacation. yay! i am counting down the days.


the weekend

December 14, 2007

i am so excited about this weekend. it’s the first one in a long time when we haven’t had something to do or somewhere to be. it’s going to be so, so nice.

tomorrow, we’ll go to my church and then relax. tomorrow night we’ll make an appearance at a co-worker’s christmas party, and then we’re going to see the mist. i am so excited about that. honestly, we haven’t seen a movie since the spring. we’ve just been so busy we didn’t have time, which sucked because there were so many movies that came out this summer that we wanted to see. at least now they’re all coming out on dvd.

on sunday, we’re going to bagelicious for breakfast (yum!) and then to fresh market to use a gift card dave’s parents gave us for hannukah. fresh market is one of the things i miss about living in chattanooga. it is one of my favorite stores. then, we’re going to hit the mall so i can use some discount cards i got in the mail at bath and body works, and exchange a shirt at old navy for the softest.slippers.ever. i think that’s what i’m the most excited about!

then, joe’s parents are stopping by sometime sunday afternoon to visit on their way home from the cabin. that and the survivor finale are the only other things we have planned.

i am definitely ready for the weekend to start.

Protected: success

November 29, 2007

the fm transmitter i got for joe came in today. it is freakin awesome. i got him the itrip by griffin technology. griffin actually has a page on its web site with stations that work with it in various big cities, i.e. atlanta, and how they are ranked by itrip owners. i found one that works really well. yay.

and no, i’m not a jerk for trying out his gift. i just didn’t want to give it to him and have it not work because, knowing joe, he wouldn’t tell me it crapped out so i wouldn’t feel bad. now, i think i’m going to have to get one for myself. and yes, this is a plug for this fantastic product, so if you need or want an fm transmitter for your ipod, i definitely recommend this one.

serious shopping

November 16, 2007

i can’t remember the last time i paid full price for anything. i guess that’s a good thing though. today, i went to hobby lobby with the intent to pick up a scrapbooking pack that was on sale. however, i just had to browse the decorative items on sale. halloween decorations were 90 percent off and fall decorations, which i can still use, were 66 percent off. so i bought some things. the halloween items were less than $1 each. i saved almost 3 times as much as i paid. yay.

while i was there, a man walked in dressed in women’s yoga clothes (capri pants, people), pink and white flip flops, and carrying a small black purse, which he dangled from his fingers and swung around. it was so hard not to chuckle.

sale at joann!

October 23, 2007

joann is having a moonlight madness sale until saturday with discounts on a lot of items. there’s also a coupon for 50 percent off the full price of one items online. i love sharing these craft sales with you all. 🙂

review: vera wang towels

October 11, 2007 the vera wang towels from kohls are my new favorite. they have even surpassed the biltmore towels from belk. i was a little wary at first because these are *so* soft, but they are super absorbant. even the towels we got for our wedding from linens ‘n things that aren’t as soft as these weren’t as absorbant at first. i seriously just want to stay wrapped up in this towel all day! i highly recommend picking up some of these towels, which are quite reasonably priced, i might add.

and yes, it is 10:36 a.m. and the bug man still has not arrived or called. at least now we know we will be using someone else.


October 10, 2007

i love a good sale, and it seems like they are all over right now! joe and i went to the mall in douglasville sunday after we left his parents’ house because i had gift cards to michaels and macy’s that needed to be used!

i got a *lot* of scrapbooking paper, including a wedding pack which should now give me plenty of paper to finish ryan and ori’s wedding scrapbook. at macy’s, my goal was to find a comfortable, flattering pair of jeans. it is *so* hard to find good jeans! i really liked the calvin klein flare jeans i tried on, but i opted for the dkny soho jeans. it’s too bad they don’t look as good on me as they do on the model! i got the dark wash because they can be dressed up or dressed down, but i’d like to get a pair in the regular blue wash as well.

and, there are still fabulous sales going on at our new kohls store. on monday, there were even more sales for columbus day, and i got a 4-1/2 quart crock-pot for $14.99, which is half off the regular price! i am so excited about that. i’ve been wanting one so i can have dinner cooking while we’re at work. i’m also starting to replace our towels, since most of them were bought before we even started dating. they’re getting so ratty now! they’re on sale too! today, i picked up a couple of the vera wang and laura ashley towels to see which i like better.

and that’s about all the shopping i plan to do for a while. sometimes, though, there are sales that you just can’t pass up!