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art auctions

November 27, 2007

i love art. i love looking at pieces of artwork and selecting those we want to hang in our home. plymouth auctioneering conducts art auctions throughout the united states and canada, and actually has a service called Park West at Sea. with park west at sea, plymouth auctioneering can hold art auctions aboard cruise ships throughout the world. currently, 63 cruise ships from eight different cruise lines have art auctioneers aboard to conduct the auctions. i think an auction on board a cruise ship would be a lot of fun, and that’s just one more activity you have to choose from.


computer access

November 19, 2007

technology is a big part of life these days. i can’t imagine life now without computers and the internet. the internet business is expanding by offering wireless internet at hotels and restaurants. now, there’s a way for you to even access your home or office computers when you’re away. remotepc offers remote accessor low monthly costs. you can access your email, and data or other information saved on your computer. this kind of service is probably essential for people who travel a lot for work. if you forget something, you don’t have to stress about it. you can just access your computer!

blogging for cash

November 15, 2007

i love the sites i’ve found where i am able to blog for money. i’ve found out about so many neat and interesting sites from it, such as, where you can shop the black friday sales online and even get the black friday ads sent to your email days and sometimes even weeks in advance. i know some people consider it selling out my blog, but i see it as an easy way to make a little extra cash. i don’t have a problem with blog advertising and getting paid to blog about certain topics. it’s something that’s really starting to catch on in the blogosphere. and, you can make some pretty good money with it. i’m excited about having a little extra cash with the holidays coming up. it’ll come in handy with all the things i want to buy for joe and for our families, as well as a few things i’d like to get myself. 🙂 i like having a way to make some extra mad money for myself so i don’t feel *too* guilty when i buy some new clothes or something new for the house!

payday loans

November 15, 2007

sometimes people need some help in between pay periods. it may be that they’re living paycheck to paycheck and something unexpected happens, such as a neccessary car repair or an injury. that’s where No Fax Payday Loans come in. payday loans are the same as cash advances and range from $100-$1,500. in just seconds you can be approved for a loan to help you out until your next paycheck. after you get paid you have several options: you can let the loan auto finance, you can pay it off in full, you can renew it and pay only the interest and fees, or you can renew it and pay the interest and part of the principle. when you’re approved, the loan can be deposited directly into your bank account as early as the next business day. you can even apply for a loan online, and a lender will contact you within a few minutes.

online gambling

November 12, 2007

gambling is huge in the united states. from tunica to atlantic city to las vegas, casinos are booming every day across the country. now, gambling is hitting the internet and you can play in a casino online. to help you figure out which sites are worth checking out and which sites aren’t, online casino review sites have been set up. these sites rank online casinos and have reviews from players who have used them. each casino has an editor ranking and a player ranking and this site lists which casinos allow players from the united states. the really neat thing about this site is that at the top there is a list of some of the most popular casino games. you can find your favorite, click on it, and see how the online casinos rank for that particular game. i think that is pretty neat, since i only play two games in casinos — poker and blackjack. those are the games i’m confident enough in to bet. for those of you who like casino games, this site is definitely worth checking out.

online shopping software

November 12, 2007

in today’s technology-based world, every business needs an online presence. it’s almost essential. many businesses are completely internet-based. i’ve been thinking for a little while now about starting my own business, but i really didn’t know where to start. i can have a web site designed, but i don’t know anything about how to let people shop online. then, i found ashop commerce. this site offers shopping cart software for you to use to create your own online store. it’s really a fabulous idea. the site says it has thousands of clients who use its ecommerce software, and it offers a 10-day free trial period so you can see if the software is right for you. i’m a big proponent of trying something out before you buy it, especially something like this. and, if it’s going to help you make money in the long run, it’s really a pretty good investment. hopefully your business will pay for it in no time!

online casinos

November 12, 2007

want to do some online gambling? top usa online casinos is the place to go. this site has online casinos ranked in the top ten by professional poker and blackjack players. it also has the top online sportsbook, which lists the recommended sportsbook sites. the site design is simple, but it is very user friendly, and it’s easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. next to each casino’s name is its bonus, a download link if one is available, the percentage of payout received from it, its ranking and reviews of the casino. i love playing poker and blackjack, and i’m always looking for new sites where i can play against others. this site is great for me, even though i’ve never played in an online casino before. it sounds interesting and like a lot of fun, and now having a place to find which casinos are the “best of the best” makes it easier for me to decide if i want to play and where i want to start.