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October 30, 2007

i had to make this post private because it involves someone i work with, but these are so funny i just had to share.

my boss is running for mayor of our city (another post for another time). today, the two candidates had a debate here on our station. this is an excerpt from the closing arguments.

matt: i want to continue the strong leadership our city has had.

lori: i agree that we’ve had strong leaders, but it’s time for a change.

at a debate at a black church

lori: i know what it’s like to be a minority. i’m a minority too. i’m a woman.



you mean it’s not wednesday yet?

October 16, 2007

i guess i’m really wanting this week to move by faster than it is. for some reason i thought today was wednesday all day, which included my “wordless wednesday” post. haha. too bad someone (i’m looking in joe’s general direction!) didn’t correct me until after 5 p.m.!!

faux pas

July 3, 2007

joe probably will kill me for posting this, but it’s too funny not to. this is a conversation we had this morning.

me: my calves are too big.

joe: yeah they are, but they’re not as big as they were! (insert long pause here) wait, did i say the wrong thing?

i know he didn’t mean it like that, but it’s too funny not to give him a hard time about!


June 20, 2007

my toaster oven caught on fire today. apparantly that’s what happens if you leave toast in too long. the funny thing is that i didn’t put them in any longer than i normally do. when i tried to open the door, flames shot out. my smoke detectors were going crazy (it’s good to test them out every once in a while!), and i couldn’t get the stupid fire extinguisher open. i wasn’t smart enough to use the handy little hose attached to my sink (as joe mentioned after the fact. thanks.), so i threw about three glasses full of water on it, putting out the fire and soaking my kitchen. fabulous.

so now i think my toaster oven is dead. i’m not sure, but it’s drenched and has burn marks all over it. i can’t even look in the window anymore. sigh. what is it with us and fires?

a post *not* about the wedding

August 2, 2006

i bet you guys can’t wait for the wedding to be over. hehe. then you won’t have to hear about it anymore!

i was a few minutes late for a meeting i covered last night. the road leading to city hall was dug up for construction and barricaded, and i couldn’t find the detour. when i arrived, i walked quickly to the front to get an agenda and sit in the front row. as i was about to pass the first row of chairs, my skirt got snagged on a hook sticking out from the side, and it got pulled partially down.

i could feel the blood rushing up to my face as i wrestled with unhooking my skirt while also trying to pull it back up. it took only about a minute or so — definitely the *longest* minute of my life — and i abruptly sat down and lowered my head. it happened to be a full house, and i wasn’t about to look toward the back. i could see all the council members staring at me. or maybe i was just being paranoid.

now i know what *not* to wear the next time i cover that council meeting.

did someone call 911?

April 11, 2006

i set off the alarm last night at work.

i arrived back from my meeting, punched in the code and sat down at my desk to look through emails and get my soundbite off my minidisc. all of a sudden i heard siren and alarms, and when i looked down the hall the glare from the light made it look as if the back door was ajar.

i grabbed my phone, car keys and key card and ran outside. i was there alone, and i didn’t know what was going on. i called our station manager and as i was waiting for him to arrive i heard the distant sound of police sirens become louder and louder until i saw two police cars tear onto our street, pull into the parking lot and literally swing up by the sidewalk, jumping out, prepared to secure the building.

“are you here for this building?” i asked, pointing toward the station.

the female officer nodded. “do you work here?”

“yeah. i guess i accidentally set off the alarm.”

“are you sure?”


i had to sign a form stating i had accidentally set off the alarm, and when my manager arrived he walked through to make sure everything was ok. apparantly when i punched in my code i hit alarm rather than off. hehe. guess i should have realized something was wrong when the red light didn’t change to green, but at least we know it works now!


November 14, 2005

i was watching family fued and the question was “name a famous barbara”. the team that got control of the board got three strikes, so the other family was picking an answer to steal the points.

“i’m going to go with our first presidents wife, barbara washington.”

host richard karns just stood there for a minute.

“i think martha may have a problem with that. she probably didn’t know george was cheating on her with barbara. if that’s there i’ll give you $20,000.”

needless to say it wasn’t there.