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one more week to go

December 17, 2007

i hate that it’s monday. i had such a great weekend. saturday was just as relaxing as i thought it would be, and it was so much fun to go see a movie. we haven’t had time to go out lately, so it was nice. the mist was a great movie too. i recommend it. ๐Ÿ™‚

yesterday was busy. we headed out to bagelicious after i made a pasta salad for joe’s parents, and after breakfast we went to fresh market, kohls and old navy. i got some great clothes on sale (it seems like everything’s on sale these days!). when we got home, we straightened up and watched the falcons game until joe’s parents arrived. it was fun getting to see them for a little bit, and even more fun seeing how petrified their dog, sophie, was of our cats. she could eat them in one bite, yet she cowered behind joe’s dad. it was hilarious.

after the in-laws left, we went to lowe’s to get a heater for our laundry room (it’s been *so* cold at night and we don’t want our pipes to burst) and a magnetic curtain rod to hang the curtains joe’s mom brought me. then, we went to belk to exchange a shirt for joe, and i made him try on pretty much everything in the men’s department. haha. it was fun though. at least for me!

now, it’s my last week of work before almost two full weeks of vacation. yay! i am counting down the days.


forgetfulness must run in the family

December 11, 2007

remember when i *cough* locked my keys in my car while it was still *cough* running? no? good. i don’t either. ๐Ÿ™‚

all jokes aside, it happened again today. but not to me. joe called me this morning to wake me up, and no more than five minutes later called me again.

he had locked his keys in his car. when he went outside to call me, he went to his car to sit down and put his keys on his seat. that’s where he left them when he locked up to go back inside.

so i made an unplanned trip down to atlanta today. it was fun, though, because i got to talk with the women in the admin office about how we always have to rescue our husbands (haha!), and joe and i were able to have lunch together. we had an early lunch around 11 at mellow mushroom, and i’m still stuffed. i love that place. i love their pretzels. mmmm.

so now joe can no longer make fun of me for locking my keys in my car!

hannukah 2007

December 10, 2007

hannukah is almost over for this year. we celebrated with joe’s family on saturday night. this year, it turned out being an entire family affair with joe’s family, dave’s family and my whole family. it was a lot of fun. i am so lucky that my family gets along so well with joe’s and dave’s families, and vice versa. we always have a blast together.

lighting the menorah 4

four kids at hannukah

as always, the food was fabulous. joe’s mom made latkes, a hannukah staple; pasta salad; fruit salad; and i believe tuna salad. since i don’t eat meat, i don’t really know what else there was. ๐Ÿ™‚

hannukah food 2

for dessert, i made a walnut chocolate torte. from scratch. and by that, i mean both the cake *and* the frosting. as you can see, i’m pretty proud of myself. i had never made a torte before, but it really turned out well. the frosting was the best part. it was awesome. and, i used my fabulous cake decorator to decorate the cake. it was the first time i’d used it, and it turned out really well. everyone loved my torte so much they didn’t even touch joe’s mom’s cookies. i felt kind of bad about that.

torte 1

torte 2

and what would hannukah be without presents? we both got some great gifts. joe’s parents got me a bunch of apple-themed items for my kitchen. yay! they also got us a nice memory box from bombay. it was another nice holiday.

busy, busy

December 6, 2007

it’s been a busy couple of days around here! yesterday, we had a wreck involving lifeflight, a fire that injured two firefighters and a chlorine leak at the water treatment plant. today, we had a plane crash that killed a pilot from our area, and a fire that injured one person and caused him to be airlifted to atlanta.

whew. i’m ready for it to end! these past two days have made me realize how few scenes i’ve been to since moving here. when i worked as a dedicated cops reporter, i was constantly at crime/fire/wreck scenes. i never did anything by phone. here, there are only two of us in the news department, so it’s hard for me to leave and go out if something happens. i normally follow up on the phone.

today, alex went out to the fire scene while i ran things around here and put her on the air with updates. part of me missed the rush of being on the scene, while the other part of me was kind of relieved to stay here. what’s wrong with me? i never thought i’d lose that desire.

tonight will be a nice, low-key night. joe’s going to a friend’s house to play magic cards after work (it’s a very nerdy game. enough said.), so i’m planning on working out and then watching the tv shows i dvr’d yesterday while working on our holiday cards. hopefully joe will be home in time for survivor!

happy hannukah

December 4, 2007

joe gave me the sweetest gift ever tonight. since we celebrate both hannukah and christmas, we give each other a gift for both holidays. this year, we gave each other two gifts for hannukah. my first gift was a video ipod, and joe’s was the fm transmitter and some other accessories for his ipod.

tonight, we gave each other our second gifts. i had told joe about how, since our family is dutch, i had a pair of wooden clogs at our weekend home in virginia. one year, i set out my clogs for santa to fill rather than a stocking. joe tried to get a hold of my mom to see if she still had my clogs and when he was unable to reach her, he searched all over the atlanta area, and tonight he gave me a wooden clog for me to have as a reminder of a special childhood memory. i don’t think i’ve ever been give a gift that means so much. i really do have the best husband ever.


now my clog sits in front of my fireplace, just as my clogs at our home in virginia did.

lazy weekend

December 3, 2007

we had a fabulous weekend, one that makes you really dread when monday morning rolls around. on saturday, we relaxed and napped, and that night we got take out chinese and put up our christmas tree and decorations. we opted for an artificial tree this year because of the drought. it’s been hard for me because i’ve always real trees. it’s a lot smaller than real trees (we call it our charlie brown tree), but it looks pretty good now that it’s been decorated.

christmas tree 5

we even managed to get a picture of all of us by it, even though dizzy is partially blocking aj.

us in front of tree 1

we got new stockings for the cats this year. aren’t these the cutest stockings ever??

decorations 9

decorations 4

yesterday, i had to go to work, and then we met my brother and his “friend” on their way back from florida, where they had gone to visit her parents, and played tennis. when we got home, we hung some pictures and then relaxed and watched a marathon of “meet my folks”. i love that show. hehe. that evolved into “the amazing race” and “desperate housewives” (which was *really* good!), and then we watched “kitchen nightmares” and part of “hell’s kitchen” before i passed out. it was a really nice night.

holiday pictures

November 25, 2007

it’s that time where we must decide what picture to send with our holiday cards. we’ve narrowed the ones we took down to two. which do you think we should use?


fall pictures 2



thanksgiving-me and joe 6