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the honeymoon, part 2

September 25, 2006

on thursday, we headed across the river to harvard. what a beautiful campus. we felt smarter just by being there. we walked around the entire campus looking for the big “harvard” sign we were sure was there. we never did find it. we did, however find one of many big libraries.

we found many gates leading to the campus.

we also saw the statue of john harvard.

and we just had fun walking around the campus, looking at the buildings and architecture.

for lunch, we ate at this really cool burger place right across the street from campus. i can’t remember the name, but all the burgers had interesting toppings and were named after political figures. i had the al franken. ๐Ÿ™‚ and, according to the sign, johnny cash once sat at our table. cool, huh?

we went on a whale watching cruise on saturday. it was a three-hour boat ride, and really was a lot of fun, despite the sea sickness. joe surprised me by having them announce that we were on our honeymoon. that was really sweet.

here we are on the boat. do i look like a tourist, or what?

three whales were spotted, including a mother with her calf. most of the sightings were on the other side of the boat from us, but we were able to get some good shots.

on sunday, we headed out to find boston’s historical sites. we took the subway to north boston and walked along the freedom trail. our first stop was paul revere’s house. as we were leaving, a man approached with his girlfriend who said, “paul revere’s house. does that mean that this is where he lived??” we couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing at that.

behind paul revere’s house is the paul revere mall, a pretty brick walkway with trees and a fountain.

i was a little upset that the paul revere mall wasn’t an actual mall. you know me…my mind’s always on shopping! here i am looking sad at my discovery.

after we left the paul revere mall, we walked past an old cemetery (and i for the life of me cannot remember its name) and then hit the old north church. it was very tall, a lot taller then we thought it would be.

after lunch at a pizza place (we ate pizza the *whole* time we were there. we couldn’t find anything *but* pizza to eat!!), we headed down the freedom trail toward the center of boston. on our way, we stopped at the holocaust memorial. i didn’t know boston had one, and it was interesting and sobering to read the quotes from concentration camp survivors.

in downtown boston, we stopped by the old state house.

and the old south meeting house.

we looked all over for the site of the boston massacre. we kept walking to where it was show on the map, but we couldn’t find any signs. finally, we asked a store clerk who told us it was a pedestrian island. we figured it was the island with man dressed as paul revere leading a tour group. this is how it is marked.

we had a blast on our trip, but i think we were both ready to come home. we weren’t ready to go back to reality, so to speak, but we really missed our cats. on our flight back, we had a pilot who i think should win pilot of the year. he was hilarious. while we were on the tarmac and people were reading, he came on the intercom.

“hi. i’d like to welcome you aboard air tran airways. here at air tran, we try hard to keep the cost of flights down for you. in an effort to do this, we’re asking that you make a $1 donation to use the lavatory. while we’re on the tarmac, and at this time only, we’re offering a deal: three flushes for the price of two. please see a flight attendant, and you can make your checks out to the air train flush-a-thon.”

i missed a lot of it because i was engrossed in my book, but joe started laughing. then, we heard a flight attendant a few rows up saying to a passenger, “we just came from charlotte and they were really mad. they didn’t understand it was a joke.”

the pilot came on a little while later to introduce himself.

“hey. this is your captain, luke skywalker, up here in the flight deck with hans solo. we’ve got chewy on the ground, and he’s getting us ready for blast off here in a few minutes. we’re going to make a quick fuel stop in atlanta before heading to our destination, alderon. your flight attendants today are c3po, yoda and r2d2.”

we were delayed before take-off (again because of construction), so the pilot came back on the intercom.

“well, folks, it looks like darth vader is interfering with our plans here today…”

when we arrived in atlanta, we were again delayed on the tarmac because of — you guessed it — construction. when we finally were able to pull up to a gate, and the seat belt sign was turned off, the pilot said, “please rise.” on our way out, the flight attendants said, “may the force be with you.” what a great way to end a great trip.


the honeymoon, part 1

September 25, 2006

and now, as if you don’t have *enough* pictures to look at, i have our honeymoon pictures and story.

we flew into boston on monday, and, after spending an hour on the tarmac, got a cab to head to our hotel. when we arrived, the desk clerk told us he didn’t have our reservation. we had booked it online through expedia, and apparantly expedia didn’t pass our information along. while joe talked to him, i called my parents and had them fax our hotel info. we got it worked out and, after we mentioned being on our honeymoon, were upgraded to the top floor (where the rooms are about $100 more a night then we paid), the gold crown floor, where we could have our breakfast delivered to our room every day.

we spent most of tuesday at faneuil hall. it was a large marketplace, and i had fun going from store to store and kiosk to kiosk. we had a caricature of us drawn, and bought most of our souvenirs. it was nice to get that out of the way.

after we got back to our hotel, we threw on our red sox gear and headed off to fenway park. our hotel shuttle dropped us off a few blocks from the stadium, and as we walked a woman stopped us and asked us for directions to the ballpark. it was so funny to think that she thought we were bostonians. we arrived at the park several hours before the game was scheduled to start, and there were already lines at all the gates.

here’s my handsome hubby in front of fenway park.

a shot of fenway.

here i am standing in front of a statue of ted williams.

finally, we got in, and immediately made our way to the field to see the green monster. i know this was the highlight of the trip for joe. it was so much fun to see him so excited. he’s always wanted to go to fenway, and i am so glad i was able to experience the trip with him.

joe called his friend, tim, who is another huge baseball fan. “hey, it’s joe. can you hear me? it’s really loud here at FENWAY PARK, so i hope you can hear me since i’m at FENWAY PARK…” hehee. joe got a nice little call back from tim. ๐Ÿ˜‰

we arrived early to watch the teams warming up and try to get some autographs. the red sox weren’t out on the field, but the white sox were, so we headed over to the left field side to see if anyone would sign our program.

i am waiting for one of the players to come over.

this is white sox pitcher john garland signing my program.

fenway park is so different from turner field here in atlanta. the first thing we noticed was the difference in the fans. at turner field, the games are more geared toward the fans with tons of giveaways and games. at fenway, it’s all about the game. we were amazed at the conversations of the people sitting around us. instead of talking about work they were completely consumed with baseball. “who’s in right field today? is it trot?” it was really cool.

it was also packed at fenway. turner field is never sold out. we had trouble even getting tickets to the game. and, when it started to rain, the people sitting out in the open simply put on their rain coats and ponchos or opened their umbrellas. in atlanta, they stampeded toward the door once the rain starts to fall.

the scoreboard is neat, too. it’s not electronic, so there is a man who stands behind it updating not only the game score but the scores of all the games being played that night. we saw his head through one of the holes a few times during the game.

we had fantastic seats, right behind home plate. we sat next to a man who is from chicago and has white sox season tickets. again, we’re not used to fans flying around the country following their teams.

and, of course, we had to get pictures of david ortiz.

here’s a funny story from the game. kevin youkilis was the leadoff batter, and every time he came up to the plate it sounded like the crowd was booing him. finally, joe asked the woman sitting next to him why no one liked him.

“we love *all* the red sox,” she replied.

“then why are they booing him?” joe asked.

the woman started to laugh. “no, no, no. she said. they’re saying “yoooou” for youkilis.”

the next time youkilis came to the plate, joe chanted along with the crowd. it was a fun night.

greetings from boston

September 9, 2006

hello to all of you *not* on vacation. hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

joe’s checking out a few things online at the business center here at our hotel, so i get a few minutes to blog. woo.

we just got back from whale watching. actually, it was more like whale *hoping*. every time there was a whale sighting it was on the *other* side of the boat from us. we have that kind of luck. i’d run over there and get caught behind a crowd of people, unable to see a thing.

we’re having a fantastic time here. i’ll tell you all about it upon our return on monday. i’ll also have pictures from the wedding and honeymoon to share. the bulk of our wedding pictures, though, will be from the cd we’re getting from the photographer. hopefully we’ll have that this week or next. he said he’d only need a week or two. thank you all for your wedding comments. they were all so nice! i must say, i felt like a princess that day.

last night, my brother called me to let me know he had booked a 4:30 p.m. slot at a wedding chapel in pigeon forge for today. he wanted to make sure i was ok with not being there. that’s a lot to spring on a person when she’s on her honeymoon *and* with several other people about to leave for dinner. it was an immature decision and, really, doesn’t it defeat the purpose to let people know you’re eloping? fortunately, the wedding isn’t happening today. he and his now-fiancee forgot they need a marriage license, so they’re going to wait 2-4 weeks. man. talk about taking away *my* thunder!!

and now i shall run. bye for now!