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christmas traditions

December 21, 2007

since it’s almost christmas, i thought i’d give you an idea of what the holidays are like for my family. i love forward to our christmas traditions every year. on christmas eve, joe and i head up to my parents’ house and go over to my former church with my family for the christmas eve service. i absolutely love this service. it’s entirely musical, and it ends with the congregation singing christmas carols by candelight. it’s such a nice way to start christmas and remembe what the holiday is all about. so many people seem to forget that.

when we get home, we have our christmas eve dinner, which consists of chow mein and fruit salad. my mom also makes cranberry crunch for dessert. after dinner, we gather in the living room to open presents. we’ve always opened presents on christmas eve, and i can’t tell you why. i love it though. i’m still like a little kid when it comes to presents. i can’t wait to open them! more than that, though, i can’t wait for others to open what i got them. i really do enjoy watching their faces more than i enjoy opening my presents. it makes me feel good to know that they really like what i got them.

this year will be slightly different as we’re doing christmas eve at ryan and oriona’s house. everything will be the same just in a new location.

on christmas day, we open our stockings (yes, my parents still hang stockings for all of us!), and then begin working on christmas dinner, which is the same as thanksgiving dinner: vegetarian turkey slices filled with stuffing, a real turkey, mashed potatoes, a broccoli and corn dish, wild rice with vegetarian chicken and plain corn for me. i cannot wait. i love this meal, and i love that we have it for christmas too. joe’s parents will be joining us again, and this year, nana is coming as well. i’m so excited to see them. oriona’s family is coming this year too, so it will be a full house!

after dinner, we always go to a movie. joe thinks this is hilarious because he says it’s been a jewish tradition for hundreds of years. ๐Ÿ™‚

and that, my blog friends, is how we will be spending the holidays. what are you doing for christmas?


Protected: irony

December 17, 2007

over the weekend, joe told me he needs more dressy pants for work. i had to smile because i have two pairs stashed away in my closet for his christmas present, and i am planning on buying a third between now and then. when we were at belk yesterday, i picked out a pair similar to one i had bought him and asked if he liked the color. he didn’t. he will on the 23rd. ๐Ÿ™‚

signed, sealed, delivered

December 14, 2007

i am *finally* done with this year’s christmas cards. whew. i decided to make them myself this year, and it took forever! every year i say the next year we’re only sending to those we received cards from the year before, but this time i mean it. for those of you who are receiving the coolest cards ever, don’t read any further unless you want to ruin the surprise. ๐Ÿ™‚

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dizzy’s holiday pictures

December 12, 2007

since dizzy is a jewish cat, joe won’t let me take him to get his picture taken with santa at the local pet boutique. so, we took dizzy’s holiday pictures last night since it was the final night of hannukah.

dizzy at hannukah 2
for a cat who climbs into the fireplace while a fire is burning, he sure was skittish of the candles!

dizzy at hannukah 1

bad weather

December 11, 2007

it has been in the upper 70s here so far this week, and the lowest its supposed to get is the mid-60s. the visiting pastor at my church on saturday said, “i love global warming. i’ve always wanted to live in florida, and now i know what it’s like.” heh. i told our receptionist it’s hard to get in the christmas spirit when i’m wearing sleeveless shirts.

hannukah 2007

December 10, 2007

hannukah is almost over for this year. we celebrated with joe’s family on saturday night. this year, it turned out being an entire family affair with joe’s family, dave’s family and my whole family. it was a lot of fun. i am so lucky that my family gets along so well with joe’s and dave’s families, and vice versa. we always have a blast together.

lighting the menorah 4

four kids at hannukah

as always, the food was fabulous. joe’s mom made latkes, a hannukah staple; pasta salad; fruit salad; and i believe tuna salad. since i don’t eat meat, i don’t really know what else there was. ๐Ÿ™‚

hannukah food 2

for dessert, i made a walnut chocolate torte. from scratch. and by that, i mean both the cake *and* the frosting. as you can see, i’m pretty proud of myself. i had never made a torte before, but it really turned out well. the frosting was the best part. it was awesome. and, i used my fabulous cake decorator to decorate the cake. it was the first time i’d used it, and it turned out really well. everyone loved my torte so much they didn’t even touch joe’s mom’s cookies. i felt kind of bad about that.

torte 1

torte 2

and what would hannukah be without presents? we both got some great gifts. joe’s parents got me a bunch of apple-themed items for my kitchen. yay! they also got us a nice memory box from bombay. it was another nice holiday.

christmas parties

December 5, 2007

tonight is our kiwanis club christmas party, the first of our holiday parties. we have it at the country club, and it’s always a lot of fun. it’s nice to hang out for a couple of hours outside of the meeting setting. there are usually two options for dinner, and i have to ask for a vegetable plate since i don’t eat meat. last year, my vegetable plate consisted of a couple of green bean and a couple of pieces of asparagus. that’s it. i kid you not. at least this year they’ve requested a baked potato to accompany my green beans and asparagus!