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December 10, 2007

i finally got the enbrel card my doctor’s nurse was supposed to send, oh, about a month ago. it turns out that it will cover 50 percent of my enbrel for 12 months. i sure wish i had known that when i was filling out insurance paperwork. i could have taken less out for flex spending. bummer.



November 30, 2007

i went to the chiropractor today for my first post-accident visit. our radio station was playing in the office, and when i went into the exam room he said, “are you the cady schulman i listen to every day on the radio?” it was kind of fun to be recognized.

even though i liked him, my visit today was not fun. xrays confirmed that i have whiplash in two spots — one on my neck and one on my back. that confirmed what he thought from examining me, as my middle back and neck hurt like crazy when he pushed down, and the muscles around my spine hurt really bad too. then i had to get popped and adjusted, and that is just not fun. at least not for me. when i was laying on the table about to have my neck popped, the left side of my neck cramped up. i’ve never had that happen before, and it hurt like hell. it literally felt like i was paralyzed. coincidentally, that was how he described it when he asked me about it.

the one upside to my visit today was the back massager he ran over my back after the adjustment and the warming towels he put on me. i almost fell asleep from the heat. it was so nice.

i have to go back two times next week. who knows how much longer i’ll have to go after that.

i spoke too soon

November 14, 2007

now our new insurance company is trying to back track and tell me that remicade is counted as a self-injectible medicine and i would still have to pay 10 percent of the cost of the medicine *plus* a $50 copay for each visit. except it’s not self-injectible. that’s such crap. i am a very angry arthritic person now.

making the switch

November 14, 2007

i have decided to change my arthritis meds from enbrel, a self-injection, to remicade, an infusion that will be done at my doctor’s office. the main reason is our new insurance. under it, i would have to pay 10 percent of the cost of enbrel. the medicine costs about $1,500, so i’d have to pay $150, a big jump from the $60 copay i have now. remicade is considered a diagnostic service and counts toward my deductible with no copay required. so, instead of close to $2,000 a year i’d pay only $500.

i also think my enbrel may not be working as well for me anymore. i’ve been in a lot of pain lately, and i’ve had a lot of *really* bad swelling. it sucks. you can’t even see my kneecaps anymore. blah.

so wish me luck. i’m kind of nervous about this, but i think it’ll be good.

flying high

November 8, 2007

i got high last night. i went to my new doctor yesterday, and she gave me prescriptions for hydrocodone and soma (a muscle relaxant) as well as putting three lydoderm patches on my back. when i got home, i took the scripts and some cold and flu meds (i felt like i was coming down with something) and it didn’t take long before i was completely out of it. i was so loopy and couldn’t walk straight. it was crazy. i asked the doctor if i could drive after taking the meds.

doctor: you can drive, but if you get pulled over you’ll test positive for being under the influence of hydrocodone and get arrested.

ok, so no, i can’t drive.

i’m taking today off because my back is hurting really bad. the doctor told me to expect to be in pain for at least another month, and she said it could flare up in the future, though there’s no way to know for sure right now. fabulous. and if i get dizzy again today i’ll have to have another ct scan because she said some things may not show up right away. here’s hoping the dizziness goes away.

so how are you all doing?? 🙂

a catch 22

November 7, 2007

my plan today was to go to my primary care doctor since my back is still hurting really bad. it wouldn’t hurt to have him check it out. however, when i called today, i was told that my doctor’s office policy is to not file car wreck incidents through insurance and i would have to pay out of pocket for my visit. and, of course, they can’t tell me how much that will be. now i’m changing doctors. this is another example of our wonderful healthcare system at work.

the not-so-big loser

October 23, 2007

one of my favorite tv shows is the biggest loser. i love watching these people take charge of their lives and make a decision to become healthier. and i get excited seeing how many pounds they drop each week. the new york times recently ran a story about how people who are not as heavy and trying to lose weight on their own are getting discouraged and giving up because they aren’t dropping double digits every week like the contestants on the show are.
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