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blog scare

December 22, 2007

i came home from church today, opened up internet explorer and just about cried when instead of looking at my blog i saw a generic ad site. my blog had disappeared.

two angry emails to my hosting company later, i realized that my renewal fee for my domain was supposed to go through my bank yesterday, the day after my bank card was deactivated because its number was stolen. of course, in the wake of trying to get all that taken care of, i forgot that my old card was set up to pay for my hosting. and no payment = no site.

and so in a matter of hours it was gone. of course, since i am so addicted to blogging and apparently have no other life, my first thought was, “what am i going to do?!” i finally got a hold of them and used joe’s card to get everything up and running again. sigh. i will be so glad when this is all finished.



December 20, 2007

someone has my debit card number. i logged into my bank account this morning, and noticed a transaction in my check card holds for a company i’ve never heard of. i called the bank and was told the purchase was made at 6:49 a.m. that’s funny because i didn’t wake up until after 8:30 a.m. i just don’t know how someone could have gotten my card number. it’s always in my wallet unless i’m using it, and my purse is never out of my sight when i’m out.

now, my card has been deactivate and it will take 7-10 business days to receive a new one, which is great since it’s almost christmas and we’ll be out and about visiting family. this is the time when i really *need* my card. plus, i have bills to pay that are set up to come off my old card. now, i have to set them up to come off joe’s card and then reset everything once i get my new card. what a hassle.

the name game

December 19, 2007

i got a call today from a store where we wanted to purchase something for joe’s mom for hannukah (as in two weeks ago now) letting us know it had come in. it was supposed to be in the week of hannukah.

“hi, is caddy there?”

i repeated my name, pronouncing it correctly for her.

“oh well they had it spelled weird here.”

you know, maybe that’s how it’s *spelled*. i know i shouldn’t be offended by that, but i am. why do people think my name is spelled wrong just because it’s spelled differently? people even try to correct *me* when i spell my name for them. it’s always bothered me, and it probably always will.

Protected: sigh

December 14, 2007

we had a staff meeting this afternoon. actually, it was less of a staff meeting and more of a cady-sucks-and-should-be-fired meeting. i’m exhausted.

basically, i got bitched at for things that weren’t my fault. really. for example, on tuesday morning (morning being the operative word here. i don’t come in until after lunch) there was a motorcycle wreck resulting in someone being lifeflighted to a hospital in atlanta. our news director, who works mornings, was on vacation, so our morning show host was filling in. when i came in on tuesday, i had no note telling me to check on this. i had no idea anything had happened. on wednesday, i saw it in “today’s fax”, called the georgia state patrol and got something on wednesday at 5 p.m. and for thursday.

apparently, it was my responsibility to tell alex exactly what order to read the news in, even though i’m not here when she reads the news in the morning. she ran that story as the lead, and i got bitched out for it. our station manager said that he got a call about it and that alex had called the police department, was told they weren’t working it and assumed that the caller was incorrect. in my opinion, our news director should have trained alex well enough to teach her to call the gsp *first* since they work about 90 percent of the wrecks, and to check the “today’s fax” and the newspaper every morning, which alex didn’t do.

then, i got bitched at for not listing every.single.agenda.item from the city council meeting in my story. my story was only 4 minutes long anyway because it was a huge issue. and apparently our “consultant” (who has no news background whatsoever) doesn’t care that there are usually 15-20 agenda items *minimum*. i’m sorry, but that’s a hell of a lot of things to list, especially when i need to write about the “big” thing that happened.

and, i know that when i write my story that way next thursday i’ll get bitched out on friday because “why the hell are we listing every little thing that they voted on??” that’s how he rolls. he tells us one thing, we do it and we get bitched at for doing it. it’s a lose-lose for us here.

so now, we have to have a “radio news 101” class from this guy who can’t write and wouldn’t know a news story if it hit him in the face (i know this because he calls me when traffic is backed up at 5 p.m. everyday and says, “it must be a fatal wreck!” right. because there is no other reason traffic could be backed up at FIVE O’CLOCK AT NIGHT except, oh, PEOPLE GOING HOME.) even though, oh, i’ve won *awards* for my news coverage. i guess that just doesn’t count anymore.

the song that never ends

December 13, 2007

the radio station i work for plays oldies music. it comes off a satellite, and typically i hear the same songs several times a day. yesterday, the same christmas song was played twice in a 10-15 minute period. part of it goes, “i love those j-i-n-g-l-e bells.” how do i know this? because it won’ of all the songs to get stuck in my head, this would not be the one i would have picked. it’s incredibly annoying.

garbage pickup

December 12, 2007

our garbage man can’t seem to understand the whole don’t leave the trash can in the middle of the driveway thing. every wednesday, i have to move it before i can go to work because it is literally right in the middle of my driveway. wouldn’t he think, hey, no one can get out if i leave this here? apparently not. and it’s really getting old.


December 10, 2007

i finally got the enbrel card my doctor’s nurse was supposed to send, oh, about a month ago. it turns out that it will cover 50 percent of my enbrel for 12 months. i sure wish i had known that when i was filling out insurance paperwork. i could have taken less out for flex spending. bummer.