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car shopping

December 3, 2007

buying a car can be hard process. it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for at a price you can afford. the internet really helps with the car buying process. some sites, like motor car loans, offer everything you need to find the car you want. one nice feature is the used car search. you can search for whatever make and model you want within a 200 mile radius of a zip code, or you can do a nationwide search. motor car loans also has information on car finance. it lists six different ways you can finance your car purchase, such as a hire purchase, remortgage, interest-free finance, personal contract purchase, a personal loan or a car loan. those were all new to me as the only way i’ve ever bought cars were through Car Loans. motor car loans also gives advantages and disadvantages to getting a car loan. the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. car loans enable you to negotiate better prices, and they give you the option of buying the car privately. you can also sell at anytime, where as with a hire purchase you can’t sell the car until it has been paid off.



November 26, 2007

for all you crafters out there, joann has a deal with free shipping through wednesday. yay! and this isn’t just for crafters. there are some awesome home decorations on sale and available as well. send me an email, and i’ll forward you the information.


November 26, 2007

i’ve never been to st. augustine, florida, but one thing that interests me about the city is its artwalk weekend. on the first weekend of each month, the St. Augustine Artwalk is held for four hours each night. the first friday weekend artwalk is a free, self-guided tour of eclectic art in st. augustine. featured artists include beau redmond, jean troemel, peter o’neill, trip harrison, jan miller, sydney mckenna and ray brilli. i’ve never heard of these artists, but i’ve browsed their web sites, and they are really talented. more than 20 galleries participate in artwalk, and the free event includes exhibits, music, entertainment and refreshments. artwalk tours begin at a business called rembrandtz fine gifts for fun people, and free shuttles to most of the galleries are available via the st. augustine sightseeing trains and the old town trolleys. this sounds like quite an event, and it would be really neat to go to one year. it’s awesome to be able to see all sorts of art work for free rather than having to pay the price of admission to various places. artwalk runs all year long, and again is held the first weekend of every month. for more information, you can visit the artwalk web site at

Protected: help!

November 23, 2007

do any of you: a) have an fm transmitter for your ipod; and b) live in or near a big city? i’m trying to find the transmitter i want to get for joe, but all the reviews i’ve read said they don’t work well in cities. have you all had problems with yours? which one(s) do you recommend?

daylight savings time

October 29, 2007

daylight savings time begins soon. yay! i’m so excited. i love the extra hour of sleep. 🙂

free ice cream

October 22, 2007

i saw this on shannon’s blog, so i thought i’d share with you guys too. if you sign up at cold stone’s web site, you can get a free ice cream for you (and i think your family too) on your birthday! i’m a huge cold stone fan, so i signed up first thing this morning.

wordless wednesday

October 16, 2007

*today’s picture taken by my hubby*

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