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December 20, 2005

i am addicted to this game. it’s my absolute favorite video game. i used to play it for hours on super nintendo (complete with a joystick for a more arcade feel) when i was younger. i’ve been asking joe to get it for xbox, and on sunday he got it! it’s on a game with 13 other arcade games. last night we battled each other on pacman, dig dug and galaga (i kicked butt on the first two, and he beat me on the last one), and this morning i just played two more games of pacman. i got to the fifth level! and i almost beat the first three levels on my first life. lol. i feel so accomplished. hehe. now i’m off to watch love connection (i *love* that show!) before i head in to work. so tell me, what are your favorite games?


puzzle stress

July 11, 2005

joe has gotten me addicted to sudoku puzzles. we did one together sunday, and it was fun. now i’m trying one on my own and i’m stressed out to no end. i have only been able to fill in 4 little squares. sigh. i suck at these things. and yet i’m still trying. i’m insane.

another fun game!

March 19, 2005

following stacey’s lead, i thought i’d share my favorite game with you all. i am absolutely addicted to spear toss. i can play this game for hours. and yes, that makes me someone who is quite easily amused. 🙂 seriously though, check it out. it’s great. and there are other fun games on the site too.