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the biggest loser: atlanta — week 2

November 3, 2006

my wishes were granted. at today’s official weigh-in, i’m still 3 pounds down. yay! i must say, i was worried last night after the dinner joe made of rice, french fries and garlic bread. it wasn’t a healthy meal, but it was fun, and it’s ok to just have fun meals every now and then. 🙂

i was hoping to lose 2 pounds again this week, but i’m satisfied with 1. at least i’m not going in the other direction. if i keep this up i can lose at least 6 pounds by thanksgiving, which will be really, really nice.


the biggest loser: atlanta — update #1

November 2, 2006

i am obsessed with weighing myself. i usually weigh myself every morning and, if i’m feeling fat after work, i’ll weigh myself at night. joe is trying to ween me off of it, but i like to keep track of how i’m doing, especially now that i’m competing against my fil.

as of today, i’ve lost 3 pounds since our starting date of october 23. hopefully that will stay the same, if not get lower, for the official weigh-in tomorrow. i’ve been trying to exercise more too. i exercised three days this week, which i’m proud of considering it’s hard on my knees. i did 10 minutes on the bike today, but had to stop because my knees were killing me. joe and i are working out tonight, though, so it will all even out.

send me good luck vibes because i have to say, this leftover halloween candy is very tempting!