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dizzy’s holiday pictures

December 12, 2007

since dizzy is a jewish cat, joe won’t let me take him to get his picture taken with santa at the local pet boutique. so, we took dizzy’s holiday pictures last night since it was the final night of hannukah.

dizzy at hannukah 2
for a cat who climbs into the fireplace while a fire is burning, he sure was skittish of the candles!

dizzy at hannukah 1


tv time

December 6, 2007

when i turned on the tv it was on the cartoon network. neither of us watch that channel. the cats must be watching cartoons while we’re at work. 🙂

calling the shots

December 2, 2007

last night after we decorated our tree, we turned the lights on and admired how pretty it was. aj didn’t want the lights on, so he unplugged them.

then he trotted off.

nice to know who calls the shots around here.

goodbye thumper and frisky

November 28, 2007

it’s been a tough couple of days for my family. yesterday, my grandma had to put her dog, thumper, to sleep. he was about 10 years old and had a very aggressive throat cancer. he was no longer able to breathe through his nose and was trying to breath through his mouth around the cancer.

today, my family put randy’s cat, frisky, to sleep. frisky was 19 and had a long life for a cat. it was especially hard for randy because he and ryan were only three when we got frisky. i’ll never forget that day. we had gone to a movie and stopped in a fish store just a few doors down. there, in a cage, was a kitten we would adopt.

we named him frisky because, well, he was all over the place. he was a crazy cat. not long after we brought him home, we adopted sally, who had been dropped off at our vet’s office. frisky and sally acted as if they didn’t get along, but she later gave birth to his babies. frisky tried to deny them, but it was hard for him to when one was his spitting image. that kitten, obviously, was named frisky, jr.

my parents were hoping frisky could last until after the holidays. christmas was his favorite time. each year he would sit in front of the christmas tree for hours just staring at the lights and ornaments. on christmas eve, he was the only cat allowed in the room while we opened our presents. he loved it. he loved the wrapping paper. he just loved being around us.

boppa 2

frisky sitting on box 2

lately, frisky hadn’t been doing very well. he was incredibly thin. for the last few days he wasn’t able to eat or even move. the vet said today that he had kidney failure and would start to be in a lot of pain. so, randy and my dad decided to put him to sleep. after a long, good life he can now rest. goodbye frisky. christmas won’t be the same this year without you.

free cat

November 15, 2007

aj just threw up on my prada purse. he is now dead to me. 🙂

wordless wednesday: privacy, please

October 24, 2007

julius tongue

i think julius was in the middle of licking water here, but it looks like he’s sticking his tongue out at me. how dare i disturb him! this look is just priceless. cats are so cute!

cat food

October 8, 2007

joe’s sister’s mil gave us a sample of a new flavor from fancy feast that she received in the mail. it was white chicken with cheddar cheese souffle and garden greens. my cats eat bugs. are they really going to care about cheddar cheese souffle and garden greens? really? they loved it, though. they just better not get used to it!