about me, part 3

1. name: cady
2. birthday: march 26, 1980
3. piercings: none yet
4. tattoos: never
5. height: 5′5″
6. shoe size: 9
7. hair color: brown
8. hair length: just below my shoulders
9. pets: my cats julius and aj
10. in the morning i am: stumbling around the house
11. all i need: is joe 🙂
12. love is: a gift
13. if i could see one person right now: joe
14. i’m afraid of: rollercoasters
15. i dream about: various things

1. movie you rented: catch me if you can
2. movie you bought: a guy thing
3. song you listened to: lonely no more by rob thomas
4. song you had stuck in your head: same as above
5. song you’ve downloaded: a lifetime by better than ezra
6. person you’ve called: joe
7. person that called you: joe
8. tv shows you’ve watched: full house
9. person you were thinking of: joe

1. you have a B/F or G/F? yep
2. you have a crush on someone? Yep
3. you wish you could live somewhere else? depends…
4. you think about suicide? no
5. you believe in online dating? done it before but it never worked out
6. others find you attractive? some do
7. you want more piercings? my ears
8. you want more tattoos? nope

for or against…
1. long distance relationships: for as long as it’s no longer than 40 minutes, which is what i have now
2. using someone: against
3. suicide: against.
4. killing people: depends…murder, no; war is another story…
5. doing drugs: against
6. driving drunk: against

1. food? pasta
2. song? why do you love me by garbage
3. thing to do? shop
4. thing to talk about? life
5. sports? baseball
6. drinks? cherry coke, starbucks mocha frappuchino
7. clothes? capris and a shirt
8. movies? shawshank redemption, collateral, how to lose a guy in 10 days, 13 going on 30
9. bands? hoobastank, keene, jimmy eat world, better than ezra
10. holiday? thanksgiving and christmas
11. car? my mustang convertible, bmw z3
12. ever cried over a girl/boy? yes
13. ever lied to someone? yes
14. ever been in a fight or arrested? no

1. shampoo do you use? brillant brunette
2. perfume/cologne? clinique happy, tommy girl
3. number of times i have had my heart broken? 1
4. number of hearts i have broken? couldn’t tell you
5. a. number of guys i have kissed? 6
5. b. number of guys i have kissed in the last three days: 1, my baby
6. number of drugs taken illegally? none
7. number of people i would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? 3
8. number of people i consider my enemies? don’t think i have true enemies
9. number of people from high school that I stayed in contact with: none anymore 😦
10. number of cds? i have no idea
11. number of scars on my body? 3
12. number of things in my past that i regret? none

with the opposite sex:
1. what do you notice first? smile and eyes
2. worst thing to say? “we have to talk”

1. makes you laugh the most? joe
2. makes you smile? joe
3. gives you a funny feeling when you see them? joe
4. has a crush on you? joe
5. easiest to talk to? joe, stacey

have you ever:
1. sat on the Internet all day waiting for someone special to i.m. you? yeah
2. saved aol/aim conversations? yeah
3. cried because of someone saying something to you? yep
4. fallen for your best friend? nope
5. rejected someone? yeah
6. been cheated on? yep

who was the last person:
1. you talked to? joe
2. hugged? joe
3. you instant messaged? stacey
4. you laughed with? joe

do you:
1. color your hair? Nno
2. ever get off the darn computer? yeah
3. hablas espanol? un poco.

have you/ are you/ do you:
1. obsessive: yes
2. could you live without the computer? no
3. like watching sunrises or sunset? both
4. what hurts the most, physical pain or emotional pain? emotional

final questions:
1. i want: to be with the guy i love forever
2. i wish: for all my friends to be happy
3. i love: joe
4. i miss: being around my college friends
5. i fear: losing someone i love
6. i hear: the tv from downstairs
7. i wonder: if joe’s thinking about me
8. i am: in love
9. i will: be strong


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