christmas for the kids

tonight is the christmas party our kiwanis club is hosting for the local children’s shelter. there are 25-30 people in our club. there will be three people at tonight’s event. that’s including me and joe, in case you were wondering. it blows my mind how people who are involved in a service club that does outreach for children are too lazy to help out at events, especially at ones like tonight’s party. it’s easy. it doesn’t require exertion, so our older members can help. they just choose not to. it makes me angry, and it makes our club look bad. and, it makes me wonder why they’re involved to begin with if they don’t participate. i wish there was some way to make them participate, but i just don’t think there is.


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    Chas Says:

    Cady, people are lazy, and that’s all there is to it. I know it’s kind of different, but we currently have 76 members in my mommy group. I’m an organizer, so I work very hard to think of interesting activities and outings. On a good day, we MIGHT get 18 people (plus their kids). These people sign up so that they won’t be stuck at home all day and so that their kids will get some socialization, and then they stay at home. It’s annoying, and there’s no way to make them change.

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