digital cameras

i love my digital camera. i was resistant to move into the world of digital photography several years ago when my parents bought me my first digital camera (that was nothing compared to cameras today) because i loved having my film developed and having hard copies of my pictures. then, all the drug stores started offering online photo developing, and that solved that problem. now, i don’t go anywhere without my camera. people always laugh at me because i whip it out at every event we attend or just anywhere we go. i take pictures of everything (just look at my flickr account!). right now i use a canon power shot point and shoot digital, but one day i’d love to own an slr digital camera. i love the canon cameras, especially the rebel. that is definitely on my wish list! the kodak easy share cameras are good too. we bought my parents one for christmas, and the screen is bigger than the one on our camera! one other thing i love about digital photography is that you can dump pictures off my sd card to digital picture frames. my parents got me one for christmas last year, and we love it. we have so many pictures that we’d love to frame, and this way they all get “framed”.


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