the best of intentions

i had such high hopes of being productive tonight with my workout and the holiday cards. too bad none of that happened. ever since i left work, i’ve been so tired. it’s probably because i was up late last night (i had to see what happened on gossip girl) and then had to be up early this morning because the city council had a 9 a.m. meeting instead of a 7 p.m. meeting. so, needless to say, all i’ve done since i’ve been home was play around with my blog design and bake christmas chocolate chip cookies.

now it’s almost time for survivor. yay.



  1. 1
    Lisanne Says:

    I tried to do yoga on Wednesday but just didn’t make it. 😦 I did a few poses and had good intentions, but I was just so freaking tired or something! It’s like my body was saying, “No … not today … not again.” *sigh*

  2. 2
    Connie Says:

    I’d planned to sign & address our cards & have them mailed out mid-week but I still have yet to do it. But, I AM going to get it done today (in just a little bit, in fact!) & get our cards out in the mail TODAY 🙂 At least you did have a somewhat productive day though 😉 BTW, LOVE your new blog design~it looks fabulous!! Hope you feel better & have a great weekend 🙂

  3. 3
    Laurel Says:

    Productivity is overrated when there are the adventures of Blair and Serena to watch! I am so addicted to Gossip Girl!

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