busy, busy

it’s been a busy couple of days around here! yesterday, we had a wreck involving lifeflight, a fire that injured two firefighters and a chlorine leak at the water treatment plant. today, we had a plane crash that killed a pilot from our area, and a fire that injured one person and caused him to be airlifted to atlanta.

whew. i’m ready for it to end! these past two days have made me realize how few scenes i’ve been to since moving here. when i worked as a dedicated cops reporter, i was constantly at crime/fire/wreck scenes. i never did anything by phone. here, there are only two of us in the news department, so it’s hard for me to leave and go out if something happens. i normally follow up on the phone.

today, alex went out to the fire scene while i ran things around here and put her on the air with updates. part of me missed the rush of being on the scene, while the other part of me was kind of relieved to stay here. what’s wrong with me? i never thought i’d lose that desire.

tonight will be a nice, low-key night. joe’s going to a friend’s house to play magic cards after work (it’s a very nerdy game. enough said.), so i’m planning on working out and then watching the tv shows i dvr’d yesterday while working on our holiday cards. hopefully joe will be home in time for survivor!


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