Protected: thanksgiving recap

i know i’m late in posting this, but i’ve been busy. and now, i just have to vent.

thanksgiving was interesting. it was my first away from my family, which was hard, but i really like joe’s family, so i figured it would be fine. we got a call from joe’s mom right before we left friday letting us know that nana’s brother and sister-in-law decided they were going to come as well and were taking our room. so, we were stuck on twin beds. now, i’m sure you all are thinking this isn’t too much of a problem. but, we *always* get shafted. in fact, joe’s mom said, “i know you guys always get shafted.” haha. when we go to nana’s, *we* get the twin beds while rachel and dave get the double bed. at the cabin, *we* get the air mattress on the floor (which is just great for my arthritic knees, let me tell you) and rachel and dave get a bedroom. we always are the ones who get thrown out, so to speak.

so, i was already unhappy heading into thanksgiving weekend. we got up there first, and when rachel and dave arrived, she started making fun of how joe and i got the twin beds. i said that we always get shafted and she started going on and on about how she and dave always get the crappy beds. i call bullshit on that, especially considering my mil already admitted that joe and i get the short end of the stick.

i was so mad at rachel at that point that i had joe drive me to the other cabin so i could calm down. seriously. i was about to hit her. i’m getting mad now just thinking about it!

fast forward to thanksgiving day. i got up early enough and got ready quickly to head over to the in-laws’ cabin to help with the preparations. my mil had told me the night before that i was in charge of the mashed potatoes and rachel was to do the sweet potatoes. it sounded fair to me. after breakfast and taking some pictures of the guys smoking the turkeys, i got to work, as in i sat at the kitchen table working on a bag of potatoes while everyone sat around and watched me and nana’s sil said, “don’t ask me to help. i’m not going to help. i’m a guest.” yeah. a guest who took my bedroom. i wanted to hit her too.

finally, nana offered to help me. my fingers were really hurting, probably because i hadn’t peeled potatoes in a while. damn arthritis. (and i’m sure you all are thinking that i’m making excuses, but i’m not. when/if you get arthritis, you’ll understand). so there we were, the two arthritic people peeling potatoes. then, nana had to do the sweet potatoes because rachel disappeared all day. she was in her bedroom, most likely playing around on her computer. but, she did grace us with her presence long enough to bark orders at me, shove things at me and tell me what to do. i wanted to kick her again.

other than that thanksgiving was great. oh, except for the fact that rachel got all pissy with us because we left early to go see my family. apparently, the only family that’s important for the holidays is hers. i really want to like her because it would be really nice to have one sister-in-law that i get along with, but she just rubs me the wrong way. maybe we’re too similar? i don’t know. i just can’t handle her in large doses.



  1. 1
    Liz Says:

    OMG! She does not sound pleasant. I’d always wondered about her since you hinted at something once about your bachelorette party. I’m sorry your thanksgiving wasn’t so great.

  2. 2
    Laurel Says:

    That’s super frustrating. I think it’s inevitable–no family will ever be as great as your own! I like AS’s parents and everything, but… mine are just so much better.

  3. 3
    Chas Says:

    Is this Joe’s brother’s wife? Ugg..I guess I’m lucky to have my sister in law.

  4. 4
    Sara Says:

    *HUGS* I’m sorry she’s like that. 😦

  5. 5
    Lisa Says:

    Funny, I am getting ready to post my ranting and raving post! That is crap about you always getting shafted! That sucks. It also sucks that Rachel is like that! UGH! You poor thing! (((HUGS)))

  6. 6

    How awkward – and annoying! I’d find it hard to deal with, actually. GRR. At least you kept your cool.

  7. 7
    jamie Says:

    i briefly knew rachel in high school and i don’t think you are exaggerating. it’s tough dealing with in-laws when you know that they’ll be in your life forever. did joe suggest anything since he’s dealt with her his whole life? =) it sounds like you have to be the *bigger* person in the relationship with rachel, and hopefully she’ll come around and warm up to you. if not, well, you and joe can have your own cabin one day and do the room assignments =)

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