we have decided we are never stopping at home in between visiting families for thanksgiving again. this is why:

  • i forgot my hair dryer at the cabin
  • i forgot my brush and clothes for church today at home
  • i forgot the turkey and table we were supposed to take for my parents
  • i forgot our toiletry bag at my parents’ house (and now joe is on his way to meet my brother half way to get it
  • i’m sure there are other things i forgot in the last two days, but that’s enough for now. i’m glad today is over.



    1. 1
      Red Says:

      So can we call you “Turkey Brain”? 😉

      Btw… Thanks for your help with wordpress, I’m back in business! =-)


    2. 2
      Laurel Says:

      That sounds about what I’d do… nothing like the holidays to make you feel totally disorganized!

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