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do any of you: a) have an fm transmitter for your ipod; and b) live in or near a big city? i’m trying to find the transmitter i want to get for joe, but all the reviews i’ve read said they don’t work well in cities. have you all had problems with yours? which one(s) do you recommend?



  1. 1
    Stacey Says:

    I’ve heard the same thing, which is why I’ve shied away from buying one for myself. Megan bought one about a year ago and says it wasn’t worth the money. 😦 Wish I could help!

    P.S. We have a Steve & Barry’s in Chattanooga now!

  2. 2
    Sara Says:

    Nope, we tried that, it didn’t work. It’s something to do with the big city for sure. We couldn’t even get it to work in Williamsburg this past summer.

    We use a cassette in Greg’s car for his iPod and I have a thing on my radio for my iPod.

  3. 3
    Lisa Says:

    We hace the FM transmitter by DLO….it works great here in Baltimore

  4. 4
    sara Says:

    I have one and mine works fine – the station I use is 101.9 and it never fails me! I will have to check on the make and stuff – it’s not the Apple version – I got it for like $40 at Best Buy but have had no problems.

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