i love blackjack. it was the first casino game i learned to play, and though i’ve really taken to poker now, i won’t turn down a game of blackjack. is now offering live customer support for blackjack. help and support can be pretty important when playing online games. this is the technology age, but things still do go wrong. if you’re in the middle of a blackjack game and something happens, it’s nice now to have the option to talk to someone right away, online. that’s what this new live customer support feature offers. you can either be directly connected to someone, or you can answer a few questions and have your call given to someone in particular. i think it’s especially important to have this kind of service when you’re playing for real money, because it’s not just fun and games, so to speak, then. there’s money on the line, and you don’t want to have a technical difficulty cause you to lose some of your hard earned cash. the live support system currently is available for four games, including real money 21 blackjack, but is only available in english. it may be expanded soon to include other languages.


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