a greener christmas

the grass may be brown in some parts of the united states, but you can still have a green christmas. there are a lot of things you can do during the holidays to be more environmentally-friendly. one big thing you can do is use led <a href=”Christmas lights“>christmas lights instead of regular christmas lights. led lights last longer, use 80-90 percent less electricity and are less of a fire hazard as the bulbs don’t get hot.

here are some other ways to be more environmentally conscious during the holidays:

instead of sending holiday cards through the mail, send ecards instead. they don’t use up any paper. if you still want to send cards to your family and friends, try cards printed on recycled paper.

use regular plates and glasses instead of paper products. sure, you’ll have a few more dishes to wash, but you won’t use paper and make more waste.

try to do all or most of your shopping at once. consolidating several trips into one or two will save you time and headache, and will also save you gas.

reuse gift wrap. i do this all the time. i save gift bags from presents i receive to use for future gifts. it saves me money and i’m saving some paper from being wasted by buying extra bags.

these are just a few of many ways to help the environment this holiday season.


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