outdoor equipment

before i was diagnosed with arthritis, i was big into outdoor activities. i loved hiking, biking, caving. you name it, and i was up for it. i can’t do a lot of those things anymore, but i can still hike, bike and, of course, go camping. i’ve never bought equipment for doing things outdoors, but if i ever got big into hiking again, it would be cool to get a backpack to carry all my things in, like water and other things. or maybe i’d make joe carry it! this site even has women specific backpacks, which i think is really cool. i also really want to get a tent and other camping equipment. i love camping, and it’s not something that’s hard on my knees. it would be something fun to share with joe and our future children. there are some pretty neat tents out. i found one family tent that even has built in power! but, i guess that takes away from the whole camping experience. while we’re out shopping for a tent, we’ll also need to get sleeping bags. i left mine at my parents’ when i moved out, and now i have no idea where it is! besides, i think a cute, pink sleeping bag is in order.


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