i changed the address on my driver’s license today. i’m sure you all know how this story ends.

i thought they could use my previous picture, but they wanted to take a new one. fine.

the employee counted to 3. i smiled. after 3, i stopped smiling. *then* the flash went off. right in the middle me saying “oh man” because i realized what had happened.

yeah, so i look like i’m in pain in this picture. and this is the one i will have to show people for the next four years. sigh.



  1. 1
    stacey Says:

    Ouch. It seems like they would have asked if you wanted them to take another picture. When I had mine taken last time the lady must have been super bored because she kept taking pictures and I got to choose from like 15! But that was here in TN. It’s so funny because every time I show my license people comment on how they’re shocked at how good a picture it is. Then I tell the story of feeling like a super model in the DMV!

  2. 2
    Laurel Says:

    Oh, I hate that!!! I wore giant earrings the day I took my current picture–I wasn’t thinking–and now I’m embarrassed every time I look at it!

  3. 3

    They are ALWAYS dodgy. Hate that!

  4. 4
    Chas Says:

    Don’t worry, I hate my license picture too. I look seriously pissed in a really snotty kind of way in mine…it’s terrible.

  5. 5
    nanette Says:


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