blogging for cash

i love the sites i’ve found where i am able to blog for money. i’ve found out about so many neat and interesting sites from it, such as, where you can shop the black friday sales online and even get the black friday ads sent to your email days and sometimes even weeks in advance. i know some people consider it selling out my blog, but i see it as an easy way to make a little extra cash. i don’t have a problem with blog advertising and getting paid to blog about certain topics. it’s something that’s really starting to catch on in the blogosphere. and, you can make some pretty good money with it. i’m excited about having a little extra cash with the holidays coming up. it’ll come in handy with all the things i want to buy for joe and for our families, as well as a few things i’d like to get myself. 🙂 i like having a way to make some extra mad money for myself so i don’t feel *too* guilty when i buy some new clothes or something new for the house!


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