i’ve been surprised at how many keyword searches i’ve been getting lately. it’s making me feel better. i was bummed that other people were having keyword searches turn up and i wasn’t.

david cady metro pics
i haven’t been on the metro in several years, so i don’t have any pics. that’s all i can come up with for this. and i don’t know who david is, so don’t ask. 🙂

where is ‘southern university’ from which many phone calls come these days
i don’t know where southern university is, but southern adventist university is in collegedale, tennessee.

my wedding story
ohhh…you want to read my wedding story?? yay! here it is. 🙂

jeff francoeur wedding
why do people keep finding my site by searching for this? i don’t even remember really mentioning him on my blog.

van dolson
it must have been a relative who searched for this. it’s not a very common name, and no one *ever* gets the space or spelling right.

until next week…


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