i love looking at furniture. sometime after the first of the year, i’m really going to start working on redecorating our house. the first thing i want to get is a hutch or cabinet for our kitchen. it’ll give me a little more storage space, and i can move some of the things on my counters, like my pots from southern living. i really like this because it goes with my apple theme. i also like this, but i’m not sure if it’s exactly what i’m looking for. one thing i’ve always like are bar stools. i think they’re cool. i wanted to get some when we lived in our apartment, but we never did. maybe my affinity for bar stools comes from how my brothers and i always sat at the bar for breakfast when we lived at my parents’ house. we don’t really have a place for them now, but when we get a new house i’m going to make sure that we do. another piece of furniture i would like to get is a wine rack. i love wine racks. i think they add a lot of personality to a room. and there are so many kinds — metal, wood, wine racks under tables, counter wine racks.


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