i miss having a dog. we never had one until we moved to tennessee. we found zelda one day at the marina where we kept our boat, and our other dogs found us. they were strays who were dropped off out in the county where we lived, and they wandered to our house. we, being pet lovers, couldn’t turn them away. and so our menagerie grew and grew. my parents now have about six dogs and six cats, and my grandparents have three dogs at their house next door. i always joked that there was a sign invisible to humans directing animals to our house. i love our family’s pets, though. my brothers named zelda after the video game “the legend of zelda”. we never had a dog bed for them because they slept where they wanted. we never had dog seat covers or travel accessories for them either because when they rode in the car, they just climbed right in. i remember in the winter zelda and gold liked to come up to my room and sleep on my bed. they were heavy, but they sure kept me warm! i also remember how much zelda likes to swim. my parents have a small lake in their backyard, and zelda loves swimming during the summer. when we were younger, my brothers and i would push her off the dock, and she’d swim back to shore and come back for more. dogs are so much fun!


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