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November 30, 2007

i went to the chiropractor today for my first post-accident visit. our radio station was playing in the office, and when i went into the exam room he said, “are you the cady schulman i listen to every day on the radio?” it was kind of fun to be recognized.

even though i liked him, my visit today was not fun. xrays confirmed that i have whiplash in two spots — one on my neck and one on my back. that confirmed what he thought from examining me, as my middle back and neck hurt like crazy when he pushed down, and the muscles around my spine hurt really bad too. then i had to get popped and adjusted, and that is just not fun. at least not for me. when i was laying on the table about to have my neck popped, the left side of my neck cramped up. i’ve never had that happen before, and it hurt like hell. it literally felt like i was paralyzed. coincidentally, that was how he described it when he asked me about it.

the one upside to my visit today was the back massager he ran over my back after the adjustment and the warming towels he put on me. i almost fell asleep from the heat. it was so nice.

i have to go back two times next week. who knows how much longer i’ll have to go after that.


Protected: success

November 29, 2007

the fm transmitter i got for joe came in today. it is freakin awesome. i got him the itrip by griffin technology. griffin actually has a page on its web site with stations that work with it in various big cities, i.e. atlanta, and how they are ranked by itrip owners. i found one that works really well. yay.

and no, i’m not a jerk for trying out his gift. i just didn’t want to give it to him and have it not work because, knowing joe, he wouldn’t tell me it crapped out so i wouldn’t feel bad. now, i think i’m going to have to get one for myself. and yes, this is a plug for this fantastic product, so if you need or want an fm transmitter for your ipod, i definitely recommend this one.

price comparisons

November 29, 2007

i’m always looking for good deals. that’s why i love sites like save buckets that compare prices on various electronic items. you can find anything from an mp3 player to a digital camera. each item has the available prices and merchants listed. and, if you want to pay a lower price, you can enter it and your email address, and someone from the site will contact you when it becomes available at the price you want. there’s nothing better than bargain shopping.

home theater systems

November 29, 2007

one of our dvd players died and instead of just buying another dvd player, we’ve been looking at home theater systems to put either in the bedroom or the backroom (and put our other dvd player in the room without the new system). we’ve looked at a bunch, including Bose home theater systems, but haven’t made up our minds yet. we’re picky people.


November 29, 2007

i would love to redo our kitchen. that’s way in the future for us right now, as painting is our first goal, but i would like to redo the cabinets in the kitchen and the cabinet hardware. our cabinets right now are white, and i can’t decide if i like that or a wood color better. plus, i’d like some more contemporary looking knobs. it’s fun to think about things like that.

don’t tase me, bro

November 29, 2007

after sara posted about a conversation she had at work about tasing, i thought i’d share my own tasing story with you all. yes, i have been tased. bet you wouldn’t take me for that kind of girl, huh?

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led lighting

November 29, 2007

led lighting is becoming more and more popular. christmas lights are now being made with led lights, and you can also buy an led <a href=”rope light“>rope light for decorating sculptures, building outlines, bars, handrails, displays, decks and patios, gazebos, boats, and rvs, among other things. led lighting is much more energy efficient than regular lighting. led rope lighting uses very little electricity at 0.47 watts per foot, compared to six watts per foot with regular rope lighting. led lights also have 50,000 hour bulb lifes, and the bulbs are less of a fire hazard because they are cool to the touch.