cosmetic surgery

i’ve never been big on cosmetic surgery. i don’t have the desire, or need, for a face lift or a nose job. but the one thing i’m not against is a tummy tuck. my stomach has always been the part of my body i’ve hated the most, and it seems like no matter how much exercising and dieting i do i just can’t get a flat stomach. i would love to have liposuction and a tummy tuck. but, the cost and my courage are holding me back. it’s something i can think about doing, but i’m not sure if i’d actually have the guts to do so. if i lived in england, i might choose this place for a UK Tummy Tuck. it’s just so important to pick the right surgeon and have everything just right for it. otherwise, you could end up with a surgery gone awry and could risk additional pain and infections.


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