counting on the cops

our wanted neighbor returned yesterday. joe was outside getting dizzy when he saw our neighbor on the back deck. he came in and called the pio of our sheriff’s office, whom we both know well from work. he confirmed that there were active warrants for our neighbor’s arrest and got on the radio to get deputies out to our area.

two hours later (seriously, two *hours* later), the deputies finally showed up. by then, our neighbor was long gone (or at least that’s what we’re assuming since he wasn’t arrested. then again, his girlfriend could have lied to protect him). sigh. i just hope they don’t realize we’re the ones who called the cops.



  1. Umm, I’m assuming this is part of an on-going saga? Exciting! I think some of our neighbors must be wanted, but it’s so hard to choose… they’re all a little shady.

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    Nanette Says:


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