Protected: channeling creative ideas

i have used up all my creative present ideas, what with joe’s *entire* family and oriona all having birthdays within the same week. sigh. this year for hannukah, i think we’re each drawing a name of someone to buy a gift for. that takes care of that dilemma. now, i must think of what to get joe. and before you think i’m getting started *way* too early on this, hannukah is dec. 5, which really only gives me a month and a half to find the perfect present. plus, i do want to get my shopping done early this year. 🙂

every year, we get each other two presents, one to be opened for hannukah and one for christmas. i have been thinking forever now about what to get him. guys are so hard to buy for. here’s what i’m thinking now: joe is getting me a video ipod and he wants my nano. i think a good gift would be a car adapter so he can listen to it while he’s stuck in traffic every day going to and from work. that’ll be his “big” (aka, expensive) gift. then, i saw that season 1 of flight of the conchords is coming out on dvd. he loves that show, but wasn’t able to catch all of it on hbo. if i get it for him he can watch it whenever he wants.

what do you guys think? good gifts? dumb ideas?



  1. 1

    Guys ARE hard to buy for, I agree.

    The car adaptor is a great idea, I have one for my nano and I love it love it love it!

  2. 2
    Laurel Says:

    I like both of those ideas. I think they’re perfect–especially the car adapter if he has a long commute. Long commutes can be sooooo boring with just the radio for company!

  3. 3
    Chas Says:

    I have no idea what to get Jason for Christmas. Guys really are so hard to shop for.

  4. 4
    lisanne Says:

    You’re right! Guys *are* really hard to shop for! More often than not, Jeff just goes out and buys whatever he’d like to have ~ or the things that he *truly* wants are *so* expensive that we just can’t afford them right now. Or, the thing that he wants is completely specific and I always end up buying the wrong thing. *sigh* I think those gift ideas sound great. What about clothes? Could he use a nice new sweater or a dress shirt and tie? Or is that boring? Jeff’s birthday is December 9th, and I haven’t even begun to think that far. LOL! 🙂 Hey ~ maybe you’ll be able to wrap up a positive pregnancy test in a box and give him that for a gift! I’m crossing my fingers for you! 🙂

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