dental insurance

insurance is expensive. some companies provide full coverage with health, dental and vision included. other companies provide just heath insurance, letting their employees fend for themselves when it comes to dental and vision. dental insurance can be very expensive, especially if you need more than just a cleaning, such as fillings, crowns and root canals. this site offers discount dental plans for people who don’t have dental insurance. when you put in your zip code, you are given several different plans to browse through and choose from. has partnered with more than 30 discount plans and has more than 10,000 providers offering individual plans or family plans. prices for the individual plans range from $99.99 per year to $139.99 per year for individual plans and $149.99 per year to $179.99 per year for family plans, which really aren’t bad prices when you think about it. insurance from other companies will cost you a lot more. some of the plans even include vision, chiropractic, prescription and hearing plans, which is a really great deal. the initial term is 15 months, and each plan includes three additional months for free.

this site also has discounted prices for various services, such as adult and child teeth cleaning, routine 6-month check ups, xrays, root canals, crowns and dentures. some plans don’t charge for routine 6-month check ups, which is good. adult cleanings range in price from $27-$75, and child cleanings range from $27-$53. root canals are much more expensive with a minimum price of $404 and a maximum of $829, but that procedure is probably a lot more expensive without dental insurance.

one of the really neat things about this site is that it offers discounts for orthodontists and endodontists. most people have braces during their lives, and i know from experience that orthodontists are very expensive. many of these plans offer 20 percent off of orthodontist services, which is a pretty good deal.


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