cell phone service

are you paying too much for your cell phone service? i always think i’m being overcharged for my plan. i’d like to go down to the next lowest plan, but joe’s afraid it won’t be enough minutes, since we’re on a family plan and have to share. we always have rollover minutes though. i wish they had a plan inbetween ours and the next one. that would be perfect. since i’m always shopping around for a better deal, i found this site that compares cell phone plans. you put in the number of minutes you use a month, your current provider, what you pay for your current plan, and what percentage of your minutes are used for anytime minutes and night or weekend minutes. then it shows you what plans other companies offer. i found one i like with our current company, but i’m not sure if it would work for our family plan. i really don’t know how those things work. we have a friend who works for at&t, so i’ll probably call her and ask her. i’m wary to change companies. i really like being with at&t because we get free mobile to mobile calls to other people on the at&t network. that really helps a lot. i know there are other networks, t-mobile i think it is, that gives you free calls anytime to five people. that would be really cool too, because there are only a couple of people i call regularly during peak hours. however, i would lose my free mobile to mobile, which i really love having. i hate dealing with things like this. cell phone plans are particularly annoying. at least now i found something to guide me along and give me a few options. that will really help in the long run.


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