birthday fun

i just remembered i forgot to tell you all about joe’s birthday! i think he had a pretty good one. on saturday night, i surprised him by inviting some of his friends to meet us for dinner. it was funny because when we walked in, he saw tim but not everyone else, and he thought, oh cool. tim’s here too. what a coincidence. then he saw everyone else and was quite surprised.

i gave him his present monday night because i had a meeting tuesday night, and he was seeing a movie tuesday night with his dad. he absolutely loved the map. he had fun looking at the detailed drawings of every park. i can’t wait for us to be able to put the stickers on the stadiums we’ve already been to.

joe with baseball map 2

on tuesday, i had a cake ready for him. yum.

joe blowing out candles crop

i think he had a fun birthday. tonight, we went to brandon and emma’s new house for a housewarming/brandon’s birthday party. it was a lot of fun. joe and i hung out with some of the guys downstairs for a while watching the yankees/indians game. i hope we didn’t look like we were too antisocial! afterward, we hit up cicis for our usual dinner. yum.

tomorrow, we’re heading up to my parents’ to see my aunt and uncle who are visiting from california, and to celebrate joe and oriona’s birthdays. then, on sunday, we’re going to joe’s parents’ to celebrate three birthday’s: joe’s, my mil’s and my sil’s. yet another busy, busy weekend.



  1. 1
    Lisanne Says:

    Wow ~ definitely *does* sound like a super busy weekend! Fun, though! I hope that you enjoy it! I knew that Joe would adore his birthday present. That’s so awesome! I like the white canisters in your kitchen, BTW. And that birthday cake looks scrumptious! Was it chocolate on the inside, too? Too neat that Joe is going to see a movie with his dad. Sounds like they’re super close. I love doing things with just my mom, too. 🙂 Where’s your scrapbooking post? I want to see what you’ve been working on, hehe 🙂

  2. 2
    Michelle Says:

    awe glad you guys had fun! that cake looks yummy 🙂

  3. 3
    Chas Says:

    What a great present! I am so glad he loved it!!

  4. 4
    Laura Says:

    What a cool gift you gave him! Wow!

  5. 5
    Laurel Says:

    The map looks AWESOME. What a great gift!!

    Happy Birthday, Joe!

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