sales, sales and more sales

the new kohls store opened here in cartersville. the grand opening is tomorrow, but it secretly opened sunday. they didn’t tell anyone, which i thought was kind of strange because i’m sure it cut down on the number of customers.

nonetheless, i found out about it and headed over there today before work. everything, and i do mean everything, in the store is on sale. some sales are a certain percentage off while others are buy 1 get 1 free. a certain birthday boy in our household is getting some new dress pants!

i got a pair of gray vera wang pants and a cute top. yay. i love the vera wang line. the cashier who rung me up told me the line at her store is always sold out. i definitely think i’m going to pick up another pair before the sale ends!



  1. 1
    Joe Says:

    Finally I won’t be kicked out of work for not wearing pants! Thanks hon.

  2. 2
    jenny Says:

    A lot of stores do that ‘soft opening’ thing. They always think they’ll be less crowded and they’ll be able to do a run-through, the real thing with less customers. Not sure if it ever works, though.

    ahahaha…i just read joe’s comment. 🙂

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