black friday

thanksgiving is just around the corner, and where there is thanksgiving there is black friday. black friday and i have a love/hate relationship. i love the sales but hate the crowds. i haven’t been to the mall on black friday since i worked at the gap. joe is a little more patient that i am and can deal better with the crowds, so he likes going to look at electronics.

however, i just found the coolest site: black friday online! this is every shopaholics dream! they post the sales before they hit the newspapers, and you can shop online to avoid the crowds and lines. that is so freakin awesome. the list of stores is lengthy, with pretty much every genre included. my favorites are macys, old navy and linens-n-things. i am so excited about this, especially since my brothers and i decided to go in together and get my parents a digital camera for christmas. i didn’t even think about it yesterday when i was looking online, but i bet we can get a great deal on black friday. i like the best buy ad, which is one of the stores on the list. i can’t tell if the list of sales is for this year, but i just found the camera we want to get my parents for a LOT less. yay!

so, on the day after thanksgiving, go. browse. shop. and hopefully your husband won’t hide the credit card like mine will!


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    jamie Says:

    oh man, that sounds SO dangerous… i don’t know if i can dare look at the website. but maybe it would be okay if it is just to Christmas shop for OTHER people =)

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