a day in my life

the person who wrote this story on the onion must a reporter. there is no other way he could so accurately describe our thoughts on city council/town hall meetings. these are the bane of our existences, and much of what he thought i have thought time and time again as residents talked and talked and talked about issues not even on the agenda. even if you are not a journalist, you will still get a good laugh out of it. oh, how i love the onion.



  1. 1
    the wifey Says:

    ha ha ha… i am going to be laughing for awhile over this one. thanks for sharing… perked me up on a boring friday afternoon.

  2. 2
    jenny Says:

    Hey, that’s right down the road (highway, actually) from me!
    Don’t they have a town moderator? Our’s is like a drill sargent and still, I think he lets people just drone on and on…

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