dumb people, part 2

joe took my new ring in to be resized on monday. it came in a size 7 and was falling off my finger! it was supposed to be ready yesterday. joe got a call from zales telling him it was ready. then, he got another call telling him to disregard the first. apparently, the person who resized it sent it to a different mall. they apologized and said it would be in today.

just a few minutes ago, joe was heading over to pick it up when he received another call from zales. the person who was supposed to bring it from the other mall never stopped by that store to pick it up, so it won’t be in until tomorrow. i am so pissed. in my opinion, he should go get it and drop it off today. why wouldn’t he have gone by the store first to pick up everything? the people at zales better be lucky they’re dealing with joe because he’s a lot nicer right now than i am!



  1. 1
    Liz Says:

    That is stupid. I hate people like that. Edward decided early on when he went looking for my wedding rings that he would not deal with one of the places like Zales because they are all idiots! Thankfully we live in a great city with a wholesale jewelry center so he was able to get a great deal at a really great place.

  2. 2
    Laurel Says:

    Oh man, don’t these people understand that waiting for bling is soooooo hard!!!

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