dumb people

i have seriously had it with ignorant people. i have been receiving calls saying that the parade route published in the newspaper was incorrect. i checked the story, though, and it was correct. today, someone who called told me the bartow trader (a free publication) had the route wrong. i called the editor and left a message just letting him know it was incorrect and giving him the correct route for future years. he just called me back, and this is how that conversation went:

me: hi. thanks for calling me back. i just wanted to let you know that you had the wrong route and just wanted to give you the correct one for future reference.

him: i got my information from the cvb’s (convention and visitor’s bureau) web site.

me: ok. they must have it wrong too. i just wanted to let you know because we’re getting calls from people who are confused by two different routes.

him: i got my information from the cvb’s web site.

me: i understand that. they’re wrong too, then.

him: when they’re right, i’m right.

me: well, when they’re wrong, you’re wrong. i just wanted to let you know for future years so we can get the correct information out to people.

him: well i get my information fed to me from *kiwanis member name*.

me: well, she’s not with our club right now, and she hasn’t been in charge of the parade for several years.

him: well, i get things fed to me from *name*.

me: again, she’s not with our club right now. i’m in charge of the parade, and if you want to contact me next year i’d be happy to tell you about the parade.

him: fine. *hangs up*

wow. i have never experienced someone like that before. most people care about making sure the information they publish is correct. whatever. and how nice was i considering i was getting *very* annoyed?? 🙂



  1. 1
    Chas Says:

    If he wasn’t in charge of the entire paper, then I’d form a complaint against him…that was very unprofessional.

  2. 2
    MsRebecca Says:

    What a moron, I would have probably cussed him out.. Obviously he needs a new go-to that has accurate info..

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