drug treatment

i have been assigned to blog about drug treatment, which is funny because i have never done drugs. i’ve never had a desire to do drugs. i wonder if treatment places actually work. we’ve seen recently in the news actresses who have gone into alcohol treatment, come out and gone right back to drinking. i wonder how much different drug treatment is. i guess with each it just depends on the person’s mindset. i guess if they don’t want it to work it won’t, and vice versa. it’s something i guess i will just have to wonder about since i never plan to do drugs. i’ve never had the desire to. it blows my mind that people who do meth, for example, will put such horrid chemicals in their bodies. the ingredients in that drug are toxic, and these people are making it in their homes, endangering their children and their neighbors. i’ve found my soapbox now, as i have covered more than enough meth labs that have exploded and seen more than enough people after being on the drug. they look awful. i just can’t imagine doing that to myself.



  1. 1
    Laura Says:

    I’ve seen some people on meth, too, and it does blow my mind that they would put such horrible things in their body. But I once heard a quote by Omaha’s former mayor who said “To the one who lives in hopelessness, consequences mean nothing.”

    p.s. I think my post today might be of special interest to you. 🙂

  2. 2
    Lindsey Says:

    I completely agree with you! I have never done drugs nor have I wanted to. I’ve never even done the “light” stuff like smoking marijuana. Never. I even judge people who smoke cigarettes! I have to stop myself from giving dirty looks!

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