baby slings

a lot of my bloggy friends are mommies to babies and toddlers, and liz posted the other day about wanting to buy a baby sling. since we’re trying to get pregnant, i’ve been looking up baby items, seeing what i might want to get when we finally do get pregnant. i had never thought about using a baby sling, but it seems like a neat idea. this site had a buy two get one free deal (do you really need that many?) and they’ve also got some really neat designs and patterns. you can also pick either a padded or unpadded sling. i would think padded would be more comfortable. the other neat thing is that they sell baby slings for little girls to play with! i was totally into my dolls when i was little and loved acting like a “mom” to them. it looks like i still have a little while to think about it, but the convenience of a sling is really growing on me. do those of you who use slings like them?



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    Lisanne Says:

    I’ve always loved the idea of baby slings and know *many* moms who use them. Some of them are so stylish that they look like scarves! hehe 🙂 We have a Snugli (for me) and a Baby Bjorn (for Jeff). I think that if we ever have a third child, I’d like to check into a sling and see how comfortable it is. They’re really popular. I like how the Snugli has more “structure” ~ I feel pretty safe with the baby in there. Just my opinion. It’s so exciting that you guys are “trying”! 🙂 Good luck!

  2. 2
    jamie Says:

    i think these look so cool and stylish. it sounds like the babies like them, too… looking at the picture on the slingling website, it makes me wonder if the babies can fall out easily? have you ever heard of that happening?

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