have you all ever seen those visit branson commercials? i used to see them all the time on tv, and i’d wonder, “why would anyone want to go to branson, missouri?” that was the only place i’d ever heard of the town. i haven’t seen those commercials in a while, but when assigned this subject, i checked out the branson getaways site. there’s a lot to do in branson! they have a bunch of museums, water parks and outdoor activities, such as a scenic railway and bungee jumping. i love museums and water parks. they also have eight malls. EIGHT. now, that is my kind of vacation spot! i will go anywhere there is shopping! they also have some pretty reasonably priced packages that include several nights of lodging, tickets to shows, etc. it’s kind of interesting to see some of the things offered in this town i’ve heard so much about in commercials.


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    Laura Says:

    I love love love Branson! It’s only my favorite place to vacation. However, the primary reason for this is that I am obsessed with boating and watersports, and Branson is right on Table Rock Lake. My friends have a cabin on the lake, so it’s very pretty. Beyond that, I like it because it’s a very family-friendly town. There are waterparks, outlets, and other fun things to do. It’s a nice, simple laid back vacation that I highly recommend.

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