when we went to joe’s parents on tuesday, joe’s mom surprised him by asking him to clean out an old toy box. she’s trying to repaint the two kids’ bedrooms, so they need to clean out a lot of their things beforehand. while he was doing it, she kept pulling things out of the closet. one of the things she handed him was a pair of high-heeled, gold shoes. and we’re talking ugly shoes. they had plastic heels.

joe: those aren’t mine.

joe’s mom: they were in *your* closet.

me: did you have a secret drag life?

joe: they’re my stripper shoes.

of course, i told him i was totally blogging that. 🙂


this happened the other day after we had both showered.

joe: let’s have a race. whoever dries their hair the fastest doesn’t have to make dinner for the next three weeks.

*runs the towel over his head*

joe: i’m done.



  1. 1
    Joe Says:

    I can’t help the fact that the shoes are slimming and I have luxurious hair. Your jealousy is clearly showing.

  2. 2
    Laurel Says:

    I have one of those darn bald(ing) boyfriends, too! They’ll always win this contest!

  3. 3
    Felicia Says:

    I have to go with Joe on this one. Fabulous gold plastic stripper shoes AND a head of hair that dries in under 30 seconds. Yep, he wins! LOL Very funny post.

  4. 4

    I hate it that boys get ready so fast. No fair!!

  5. 5
    the wifey Says:

    joe… the things i never knew about you in high school! cady, that is an absolutely hilarious post. thanks for sharing =)

  6. 6

    Cheeky, very cheeky! And talk about skeletons in the closet …

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